The Joy of Home

 Yesterday morning, as I opened each of the animal gates to allow them access to grazing or free ranging, 

I felt that all-so-familiar feeling of joy in being at home.  

After two days of being out of town, and three days of being down and out, I was so ready to get back out with my animals and my gardens.  Moonie lined up, as he does every morning, to get his sun-visor/fly-mask on for the day.

What amazes me is how much things can change in 5 days time.  

New flowers have blossomed.  Delphiniums in the house gardens...

There is so much color in Maven Haven's gardens...

The vegetable garden is bursting with vegetation

 and there are young veggies hanging on everywhere...growing, growing - day by day.

I have to be perfectly honest with you.  Although I was totally fascinated with the Brood X arrival.  I think I might be totally over them now.  They dive-bomb me when I am working in the garden.  Having them fly into my hair with their raspy buzzing and then get caught there creeps me out just a little.  I'd appreciate them a little more at a distance!

Having a day without the constant droning (you've heard the video) in my ears sounds like heaven - a heaven I am going to have to wait at least another month to experience.  How I long to hear the songs of the birds, songs that are drowned out daily by the incessant cicada chatter.

Ah well... minor inconveniences, I suppose, for these tiny creatures to live out their 17-year life cycle.  For 17 years they are beneath the ground minding their own business, so I guess I cannot begrudge them a few weeks of mating after living in a hole for the bulk of their lives.  Just, please remove my hair from your list of dating venues, ok?

We said goodbye, yesterday, to our little "Carolina" Wren.  Wren Marie and her parents packed up their car and headed back home with one stop left to visit a great grandmother who has not yet met her.  It's been a very busy week of travel for such a little person, and she proved a very worthy traveller.  She's such a happy baby - even with suffering through a bout of GI virus.

Before she left, her "Muppy" took her forest-bathing - one last trip into the woods for grand-daughter and her grandfather before saying goodbye for a few months.  We'll keep in touch with her via FaceTime video chats until we can get together again.

While out and about doing farm chores and mowing, I checked all of our fruit plantings.  Our apple, peach, and pear trees are loaded this year.... best year yet.  Hopefully we get to harvest with healthy fruit.

We began picking the beginning of the blueberries...

and the black raspberries as well!

It won't be long before my freezers are once again filled with farm-fresh fruit and we can once again enjoy homemade jams and pies, and other fruity treats!

If you stopped by the barn to visit with the cats right now you might notice that one of the Beatrixes has a red dot on her shoulder.

Why does Bea-One have a red dot? you ask.  A couple weeks ago, the cats were due for their Rabies Vaccinations.  All of our barn kitties are very cooperative with such things, except for the Beatrixes.  And without being able to catch both of these look-alike cats at the same time, it is impossible to know who has had the shot and who has not if they aren't given at the same time.  Because Hubbs is a physician and I am a nurse, we told our Vet that we could handle the remaining two vaccines ourselves.  Our only problem would be logistics.

 Hubbs caught one of the Beatrixes on Tuesday evening and we gave her the vaccine.  He had the idea of putting a red paint dot on her to mark that she was done.  Then the next morning he was able to catch the Bea without the dot to give her the vaccine as well.  Pretty smart thinking, Hubbs!!  Now all kitties are protected for another three years.

We are in the midst of a beautiful week of blue skies and temperatures in the seventies.  It's been quite chilly at night, but to me, that's just heavenly... I couldn't have ordered more perfect summer weather.


Marsha said…
It has been in the high 90’s for over a week now!
Your yard looks great!
"Home is the nicest place there is"
Everyone looks happy and enjoying the beautiful weather. Your gardens are gorgeous and thriving!
colleen said…
I'm glad you are all feeling better. Everything is looking so lush and beautiful. As far as Cicada's in my hair...I'll pass. I love the picture of Jack and Wren, priceless. What a cutie she is. I'm always happy when you post the Runner's. It always makes me think...time to tend to business. Thanks for this post. Only one thing could make it better...if it were only longer lol I know I'm getting pushy. xoxoxox
littlemancat said…
Good thinking to mark the Beatrix girls!
These are wonderful pics - love Jack,baby Wren, and Sammy in the cart! And the fruit photos- especially the peach one against the green leaves and blue sky!
Glad you're all feeling better.
I am over the cicadas also. I have taken to wearing baseball caps outside to keep them out of my hair. They just creep me out too. The man across the street was weedeating yesterday and he kept grabbing them off his neck and throwing them down. He had a few choice words for them.
This N That said…
Love the picture of Wren and Jack..So sweet..
The last three days have been perfect weather wise.
Great idea to mark the Beatrixes...
Your Maven Haven garden looks wonderful..Good choices..xxoo
Lynne said…
The blue skies in your pictures
looked wonderful as do your
flowers and veggies.
Happy summery days, cool nights . . . the best
Wren is a sweet one for sure!