Kick Up Yer Heels!

Some days are perfect for kicking up one's heels!  Cool weather is always a welcomed relief for the herd and they show their happiness by excitedly running laps of the front pasture.

Look out!  Those feet fly in every direction.  (Need I mention that each one of these kicks is always accompanied by some amount of flatulence!). Turbo charged!!

"Run for cover!!"

It does my heart good to see old One-Eyed Moonie out running like this with his herd.  Having lost one eye does not seem to hold him back at all!

When looking through these photos from yesterday morning, I had a tendency to concentrate on Moonie.  But, as you can see if you look at the others... they were just as involved in all of the shenanigans.

A pile-up... look out for those hooves!  They are big enough to send a little horse flying.  Although, for all of the kicking and bucking that Moonie does when he is excited like this, he has never directed any of those kicks towards anyone else.

I think he kicks simply as a way to express joy!

It's amazing to me that a horse that weighs this much can get so much of his body off of the ground at one time!

This went on for about 10 minutes.

Once they all had an adequate aerobic workout, they settled down to the task of eating breakfast.  What a great way to start a day.... for them and for me!

The funny thing is.... while everyone was out kicking up their heels, the donkeys ran for cover.  They stayed inside their dry lot with me until the shenanigans were over.  Donkeys always play it safe!

It's blueberry season!!  We are up to our ears in blueberries.  Yesterday I picked almost 10 pounds.

Raspberries are in as well, so I also picked 2 quarts of those.  The raspberries go right into the freezer for winter jams.

A cool, grey, rainy day in the midst of summer is such a treat.  It gives me a little more time to work on inside activities; not to mention a break from watering the garden.  It's a relief for all of the animals... from the heat as well as the flies.  No one seems to mind a day like this!


nuri said…
What a great way to start a day - indeed! Thank you for all of these wonderful, funny pictures and another post that had me smiling (and chuckling) throughout. I do adore your tales of the farm.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
it makes my heart so happy to see moonie acting normal. how marvelous! i picked my first blueberries yesterday. i wish we could have one cool day a week for the rest of the summer.
Anonymous said…
Looks like a great day!
Unknown said…
Moonbeam reminds me of the kids at school who skip down the halls. Sometimes I skip with them! Don’t think I could kick up my heels like Moonie though! 😉
Love to see them enjoying themselves and the cooler weather. A welcome break for sure. Our blackberries are getting there. Hoping to be picking those soon for the freezer.
daisy g said…
Look at that Moonie Boy fly! I agree, that they are expressing their joy, and it transfers onto the observer!

Oooh, I see blueberry treats in your future!

We are blessed with 60 degrees here in NC this morning. Lovin' it!
Jeannie said…
Fun post!
This N That said…
Wow..In some of those pictures Moonie is actually standing on one leg..I have always loved seeing horses just running...Manes and tails just blowing in the wind..freedom!
So happy with these cooler days.Enjoy xxoo

Marcia LaRue said…
We have been known to jump for joy ... so, why not the horses, too? That Moonie is simply spectacular ... he lost an eye, not the joy of living! LOL
What fabulous pictures of everyone [but the donkey girls] enjoying the cooler weather! We had that cooler day here in S. CO on Monday ... then right back to the 90s on Tuesday and today! Well, 'tis the summer season now ... just go with the airflow!
Dee J. Hartman said…
If only I could kick my heels up! I even have trouble putting on my own socks after having a total knee replacement sixteen days ago. My "new knee is swollen , and is very painful at this point! Ouch!
Lynne said…
What “kicking up their heels” fun!
Cooler weather can have that affect . . .
although my jumping in the air, clicking heel days are in the past!
Good for you Moonie!