Keeping Chaos At Bay

 I have a confession to make.  I am a bit of a control freak.  Yes, I like my world neat and orderly. 

 I like my ducks in order.  I try to cross all my T's and dot all my I's.

Life is peaceful and serene when I know that everything is completed and orderly.  It's only then that I can be assured that chaos and bedlam will stay far away.

There is just one problem with this philosophy.  This is a farm, and for some reason farm life has a tendency to gravitate towards chaos and bedlam with very little provocation.  It's always amazing how a day can take a turn towards chaos with one tiny omission.... say, like not properly locking a gate.

Yesterday morning started out so beautifully peaceful.  We rose early and finished chores quickly.  We had made plans to golf with friends. (Note:  Hubbs is a golfer.  Me... not so much.  I know how, but it is just not an activity that I feel like putting so many hours into.  And so I play golf once or twice a year and I do ok.... a couple great shots, a few good shots, a few good putts, and the rest... meh!  But, I have fun!)  

As we were finishing chores... lastly opening up the chicken houses, we noticed our resident doe standing in the farm lane looking at us.  This doe has been living in the woods between the barn for a couple of years.  We see her almost daily and she has become quite tame.

I watched her saunter through the blueberry field and start grazing on the other side of the goat pens as we finished working.  I felt such a peace in my soul. 

 All of the animals were peacefully eating their breakfasts.  Everything was exactly as it should be.  The farm was serene and orderly.  We headed home, dressed for golf and left to meet our friends, a half hour south.

Five minutes into our trip, Dr. Becky texted us saying, "Your horses are here."

"Oh, *&*%**" said I.  And just like that, my peaceful serene world had turned on its heels and chaos had taken over.  Remember yesterday's post with horses kicking up their heels.  Repeat that today, with everyone running here, there, and everywhere.  No longer were those bucks and kicks of joy contained in a pasture.  No, now they were loose in the world - 7 equines running for the hills - or the nearest hay field.  It was a definite Code Red, as our neighbors like to call it.

There we were in our golf togs, chasing down 7 horses and donkeys.  Luckily, by the time we hiked up to Becky's with halters and lead ropes in hands, she had gotten the attention of our herd with sweet feed.

  She had been able to put a halter on Moonie, and Hubbs and I haltered the rest of the herd.  Then back to the barn with 5 horses in hand we walked.  Two donkeys were still AWOL, however.

Just a little coaxing, and the donkeys were more than willing to run right back into their yard... back through the gate that I had inadvertently let unlocked earlier that morning.  Yes, I take full responsibility for the mayhem that ensued after leaving a gate unlocked.  Luckily we had only gotten 5 minutes down the road.  What a mess it would have been if we had already been on the golf course.  Most likely I would have suffered a coronary at that point!

With very little effort, everyone was once again safely stowed in their proper places (this time we triple checked all gates before leaving!). And we headed off for our adventure.  

See what I mean?  One little infraction causes a whole lot of chaos!

(And don't let those innocent faces fool you!)

As it turns out, we had a lovely day - perfect weather - and played a fun round of golf.  

It was a spectacular day - in spite of the crazy start!

We arrived back at the farm by late afternoon and spent much of the rest of the day doing the mowing.  As I mowed my garden, I couldn't help but notice how much produce was ready for picking.

It's truly a time to enjoy the fruits of our labor... as long as we can keep everything under control around here!!


Unknown said…
The horses getting out is a blood pressure issue for sure! Is there a way to put a second gate on your driveway or other road they go out on? I know it's an extra thing to deal with when you are coming and going, but seems worth it. Glad you had a lovely day for golf. Lisa G in TN
daisy g said…
Ha! That'll get your blood moving in the morning! Glad all are safe and sound. You got a few more steps added into your day. I'm sure they have your best interest at heart. ;0D
Lynne said…
I like t’s crossed, i’s dotted too . ..
Yet . . . sometimes, the “foo foo bird” (as I call it)
appears on the scene and bedlam occurs.
Happy you were able to curtail the “kids” and still enjoy the golfing.
Fresh veggie picks sounding wonderful!
This N That said…
As long as you don't cross your I's and dot your T's you should be OK..BHA could be called "the great escape"..Dual meanings..
Glad you had a nice round of golf..the weather was ideal..
Have a happy, uneventful day..hugs
jaz@octoberfarm said…
and this is exactly why i am so OCD. i check locks and gates over and over and once i can finally relax, i check them all again!