Free Trees!

 I make it a policy to refrain from complaining.  But, truth be told, I have to admit...

we are a bit droopy, around here, from the heat.  

The best times of day to do anything (grazing included) are very early mornings and later in the evenings.

 In other words, when the sun is out - we avoid melting.

The thermometer reached the mid-nineties yesterday with high humidity. 

 It's the humidity that makes the summer heat difficult for all.  I envy those places that enjoy dry heat.  Central Pennsylvania can be a sauna in the summertime.  And yet... by week's end it is to be a bit cooler.  I'll be celebrating!

Yesterday was a busy farm work day.  We mowed everything.  Then I worked in the garden for just a little while... pruning all of the tomatoes and tying them to stakes.  I am amazed by the amount of little tomatoes that are hanging on the plants... as well as the amount of peppers that are now visible.  It seems like the garden is producing earlier this year.  Perhaps it's the heat.

Garden watering was saved for evening time.  It's so pleasant to be there at that time when the sun is down and the bugs have gone to bed!

 A couple weeks ago I mentioned that I had cut some branches from our willow tree and stuck them in potting soil... hoping to propagate new trees.  Within a couple of weeks, those branches looked completely dead - all the leaves dried up and fell off.  I kept my fingers crossed and kept watering them and in a couple more weeks new leaves grew.

Last week, I repotted each of the little trees into large pots.  I was happy to see that they each had grown a good amount of roots.

Now I have three new trees started that I will plant this autumn.  I am going to try this with a few of my bushes as well.  I'll let you know how it goes.  There's nothing better than free trees!

Today, Amanda arrives from Colorado.  We have not seen her in a year- and we are very excited!  I know she is excited to visit... and especially to see all the animals again.  Annie will be especially happy to have her running partner back again.  Amanda and Annie love to go for runs in the woods together.


Even in the heat the farm is beautiful. I love weeping willows. I used to have a big one outside my,bedroom window when I was growing up. It grew to be quite huge and had to be taken down but we did plant two others from that one.
It felt like one could melt yesterday.
So happy for you to see your family. Enjoy your week with them!
daisy g said…
Yes, it's muggy here as well, but we are being blessed with rain, so I can't complain. Less time watering the flower beds if Mother Nature is going to oblige!

Enjoy your visit with Amanda.
Lynne said…
I agree with the comment above.
The Farm looks beautiful . . . I can’t see the heat and humidity.
I can imagine though . . . hot and humid here too.
We are parched.
Enjoy your Amanda visit . . .
Marsha said…
So happy for your visit and your place looks great!
Marcia LaRue said…
We are having a bit of a heatwave here in S. Colorado, as well ... more then a few days in the 90s.
I look at your pictures and think so many would make beautiful puzzles ... the beautiful purple flower one at the beginning of this post, for example! Oh, my! LOL
Unknown said…
I love all your nature finds lined up along the greenhouse behind the willow starters!!

I caught that right away because I do the same thing---I too have a marvelous collection of nests, antler sheds, skulls, snakeskins and even unhatched wood duck eggs from our boxes in my swamp!

They are all displayed in my mudroom & I just loved looking at your treasures...
jaz@octoberfarm said…
those willows probably would have grown even if you hadn't watered them. getting rid of them is the tough job! you can do the same thing with a lot of trees and shrubs, especially forsythia. i'm in hell here. this heat and humidity is wicked awful. the pups hardly leave the house. plus, it never cools off here. it was 75 and sticky as can be this morning at 4:30....yuck! it will be so nice to have amanda back!
Gosh it is hot here too. I went out to get the mail yesterday and it was like being in a sauna. I have breathing problems and so I have to be careful but I hate being restricted from being outside for too long. I am an outdoors girl even if it is just sitting on the patio. Other than gardening, summer is my least favorite season. Here I am complaining. Lol.
Grandma Zee said…
Your yard and flowers are beautiful, I am sure the humidity and rain you got is helping everything grow so quickly. We are hot and dry here in Utah, Water will be rationed, so I am mulching everything, but my roses are the best they've ever been, full of blooms and gorgeous. Enjoy your visit with Amanda, always nice to have family visit.
This N That said…
Summer is here for sure..As you know, I'm not a fan nor is Mollie..I have to be careful of her feet in the streets..I need to replace her ice collar and they don't make ones for ice cubes any more..They really work..
Glad your Willows took hold..If I remember right, they can be pretty invasive..
Have a great staycation..Send me a postcard..LOL
It will be nice to have everyone together again..Have fun..
Your garden looks wonderful..
how neat to plant new willow trees.... I can't wait to see them growing in their designated spots. It looks like your sheep got sheared? hope so this hot weather. super hot here too ...we will get a break you. thanks for a great blog, Bev.