A Quick Adventure

 We've been absent - missing yesterday's blog because we were out of town.  While the farm was in the safe, loving hands of our number one helper, Anna and her little girls..... And... "the girls"- long-time friends- Maggie and Macy and their mom, we left town for three days for a quick, cool getaway to our dear friends' lake house.

With Maggie and Macy came the three chickens that they had hatched out early this spring.  Only two, the two hens, are staying here at the farm.  The white rooster, who turned quite mean - and at such a young age- is being re-homed to one of Maggie's teachers.  We definitely cannot have a mean rooster here on the farm.  It's too stressful to chickens and humans alike!

The two new faces, who, by the way, are very, very tame, are Posie and Poppy.

So, while we were biking....

and kayaking...

swimming, paddle boarding, and floating to our hearts content on this beautiful lake -

 at the top of a mountain, making it the highest altitude lake in Pennsylvania....

and staying in a home that felt like a resort...

our wonderful helpers were enjoying a (hot) farm weekend.

Macy brought her rescue dog, Mamma B., and Sammie was in charge of keeping her close.

As for the girls, I think they enjoyed every inch of the farm!

As I say every time we take a little time away... It's always great to return home again!  This summer we are not taking a vacation, but, instead, have planned a couple weekends away visiting friends.  After last year, it's wonderful to once again enjoy time with friends and family.

Many thanks to Anna and her girls, and to Danielle, Maggie, and Macy for giving us the opportunity to get away for a few days.  It is not easy, when you have this many souls to care for to just pick up and leave the farm... it takes a village.  Luckily, we have a pretty terrific village to help us out!

This coming week will be spent watering, mowing, and preparing for a big Fourth of July picnic here at the farm.  Luckily, the heat is to subside by next weekend.  We humans have the ability to escape the heat... but the animals suffer with it.  We do what we can to make it bearable... but still, it is hard on them.  I always breathe a sigh of relief when cooler weather moves in.  

To our friends in areas of the country that are having heat waves... please take care of yourselves and do whatever you can to stay cool!!


Marsha said…
Looks like a great weekend and that the animals were well cared for!
So nice that you could have a quick getaway and willing helpers!
Also seems the animals enjoy their friends who look after them. That a great thing when the animals are comfortable with them being there.
It was a scorcher yesterday and unfortunately I got a bit of burn on my arms and shoulders. Staying out of it today and working in the air conditioned office. Paperwork is not my favorite but has to be done. Wishing you a fantastic 4th of July!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
you are so lucky to have that village! i'm sure the animals all enjoyed their sitters. i am more than over this weather. bring on fall!!!
This N That said…
Aha...so that's where you were..I'm sure it was a fun time..So glad that you have such a great support system that allows you to take these sojourns..Works for everybody..Posie and Poppy will be a nice addition..The two Beatrixes in chicken form..LOL...Stay cool..
Marcia LaRue said…
Welcome back ... we [I] missed you! LOL It was 3 blissful days of fun, food, and relaxation!
Poppy & Posie ... cute chicks! I see Griz made himself at home on the girls' laps! Too funny that Sammy has Mamma B. on a tether ... too cute!!
Lynne said…
Looks like you enjoyed your “getaway” and some summer fun activities!
And the farm “kiddies” were watched with care.
And now some time to plan for your 4th of July picnic!
Dee J. Hartman said…
A lake filled with beauties
While friends do your duties,
So you have some time from the farm...
A pleasant retrieve
We know and believe,
There were no fear nor thoughts of alarm.

For there at your land
Things were under command

Content at both lake and your farm!