A Perfect Day

Days come and days go.  Each day holds something special - something that makes me smile... something that makes me happy to be exactly where I am.

Yesterday was a spectacular day in every way.  From sunrise, as Moonie greeted me at the dry lot fence as he does every single morning, 

and through every beautiful hour that passed until the sun set once again - it could not have been a more perfect spring day.

The sun shone brightly.  The air was temperate.  The sky was sapphire - dotted with storybook clouds.  It was the perfect day for finishing up my planting.  Except.... I did not even start.

As it turns out, we had a rather heavy frost yesterday morning... the kind that destroys tender seedlings.  And, last night was predicted to be in the thirties once again.  This year I am taking no chances.  I cannot bear the heartache of frozen seedlings.  So, all of my plant babies remain tucked away in the greenhouse until..... Saturday!!  Tonight's low will most likely be in the thirties again.  Saturday, finally (at least at the moment of this writing) is predicted to have a low in the mid forties.  I have to admit, this has been such an exercise in patience for me.  It is so hard to look at all those wonderful pepper and tomato and cucumber plants (not to mention the myriad flowers) in the greenhouse and not start setting them into the garden.   There are even tiny tomatoes on the tomato plants!   Patience. 

The weird thing is... our farm is a cold pocket.   It is always just a few degrees colder here than anywhere around.  It's weird, and I have no explanation... but we have our own little micro-climate here.

Good things come to those who wait... or so I am told!

To top off our spectacular day of sunny weather yesterday, The Girls came for a visit.  Naturally, they brought their little rescue pup, Mama Bernadette, along for the visit.

Macy adopted Mama B. this past winter.  She arrived overweight, out of shape, and not in the best of health.  She had had a litter of puppies from a sire who was much larger than herself.  It was obvious that at least part of her life had been pretty tough.  There's no doubt that a lot of love can turn a life around... and Mama B. is a testament to that!

She is now half the size she was, has grown a beautiful new coat, and is healthy and athletic.  What a happy ending for this little love of a dog!

She loves Bobby cat and greeted him enthusiastically.  They rubbed against each other... too quickly for me to catch a photo.

We picnicked beneath the front yard wisteria.

The dogs (especially Chester, who loves young people) were in heaven.  Chester is Maggie's spirit animal!

The horses were brushed and coiffed.

Hairdo's for everyone....

Even the chickens got a little extra attention.

And, MaryAnn found another soulmate.  

I have mentioned from time to time that MaryAnn, one of our kunekune pigs is very attached to me.  She has a little vocalization that she only does for me... it's her happy greeting when she sees me.  That happy little pig chatter belonged to me and me alone, until MaryAnn saw the girls' Mom, yesterday.  She recognized Danielle from previous visits and was overjoyed to see her again.  She followed her around the pasture grunting and grunting her happy greeting.  It was very sweet to witness.  And no, I'm not jealous!  Pigs have lots of love to share!

It was a perfect day in every way!

PS, thank you, girls, for the lovely flowers!!

Is it me, or did Friday arrive quickly this week?  We have a quiet weekend planned here on the farm.  I will plant the garden, while Hubbs does some food pantry volunteering.  Perhaps a bike ride through the countryside.... who knows what adventures await us.  We'll be back Monday to share them with you!

PS:  I have so enjoyed all of your comments and sharing of late!  Just as you enjoy snippets of my life, I enjoy when you share your own moments, or memories.  I appreciate all advice given as well.  I believe we are stronger when we walk through this life hand in hand.  Thank you for extending your hands!


jaz@octoberfarm said…
i am hoping to do most of my planting this weekend too. i foolishly dared nature and planted a lot already but all i lost was one cucumber so this time the gamble paid off. i should have lost some of the tomatoes i started because i don't know where i will plant all of them! have a good weekend bev!
daisy g said…
Your blog is one of the best parts of my day and I look forward each morning to catching up with you.

It sounds like the perfect weekend. I have a volunteer workday tomorrow morning and a dog sitting job that starts on Sunday evening. Life is good when you can spend it in service to others.

Any chance your Friday series on sustainability will return? You always have some thought provoking ideas.

Be Blissed!
Jacky said…
OMG - I LOVE the photo of Mama B in her dandelion necklace. So glad she has a loving home now.
Lisa said…
Every morning when I drink my chai tea before work I read your blog. I love it so! I haven't planted anything yet. There's a frost coming tonight. We are also in a micro climate. It gets very hot here in the summer and never too cold in the winter. I,love it.
I keep saying they need to change the calendar to Monday, Friday and Sunday afternoon. That's how it feels to me. I'm not sure what happens to the other days.

Have a great weekend.
Wanda Devers said…
It's chilly here in TN. It's been an unusually cool spring with lots of rain.

I may have found a source of wild blackberries! My son's girlfriend's mama lives out in the country on a disused farm. I would love to have a cobbler & make some preserves. My granny & grandpa had the most lush ones I've ever seed. They were down in a "holler" in the cow pasture and they were huge berries. I had to be on the lookout for approaching cows & everybody had to watch for snakes. No way at that time to repel chiggers but I seem to remember people tying a rag with kerosene around their ankles.
Can't wait for Minerva to arrive. Shouldn't she be here soon? Seems like that is the official beginning of the growing season.
Dee J. Hartman said…
I've loved all your blogs, especially this post...
And if i'm asked which photo I love the most...
Such a hard task to choose\they all did amuse,
But I guess Mamma B, I'll choose and I'll boast.

No one ever thinks that a pig's a sweet thing,
Or realize the love and the joy it can bring...
But this gal's so special; we see it quite clear...
She'll grunt with delight for you, year after year!
This N That said…
Sorry that your planting has been delayed as has the emergence of the cicadas...It seems the weather has a lot of control on many things..I worked in my garden for a couple of hours this AM..watering, feeding ,trimming some things that are getting too close to others..I'm sure i overdid it but C'est la vie!! I think I got a touch of sunburn too..
Love the change in Mama Bernadette..Amazing what a little TLC can do..wonderful.".The Girls" are a great addition to the farm..
Enjoy your weekend...hope you get some planting done..Knowing you it will all be done by Monday AM if not sooner..xxoo

Here in Wisconsin we are just getting done with what we call the "Iceman Days"....perhaps you've heard of them? They normally fall around May 11th - 13th or 14th. Old timers say you never plant anything until we're past those days! I've even got it written on my calendar every year! Hope you have a great time planting your garden this weekend. Fun seeing your friends come over...will they be hatching the runner duck eggs or is that somebody else? See you Monday!
Katmom said…
Hey Bev,, would you like a couple dozen FREE Quail??? if they don't stop taking dirt baths in my freshly planted wild flower garden,, I am going to ship them to you!!!
I did get my garden planted,, but a few days ago I had to tarp a plastic painters drop cloth over the seedlings to keep them from frost burn.. they survived, and only a few look weepy.
Have a lovely Sunday...
Lynne said…
Perfect days are just perfect.
Profound, aren’t I . . .
True though, when they are happening. . .
all is right with the world . . .
Nice post Beverly!