The Poetry of Nature

 There are many times when I am immersed in a moment - caught up in the splendor of all that greets my senses - and I long to share the moment with you.  If I could find the perfect words it would be nothing less than poetry.  That's what Mother Nature gives us... a feast of sensorial poetry and artistry.  We need only to quiet our minds and open our hearts.

Yesterday afternoon brought a brief window of sunshine, as I was out tending to afternoon chores.  I seized the moment and headed into the front pasture.  Behind me, my herd was happily munching on their afternoon snack, after having spent a few hours in the pasture much earlier in the day.

 As I sat on the cool ground, my eyes scanned the pasture around me and I listened.  Above me was the soft chortling sound of a pair of barn swallows, taking a break from their nesting project.  

There was a gentle rustle of the young leaves on the trees in the woods behind me as a cool breeze tickled my skin.  I heard the shrill call of a pileated woodpecker approaching, then caught a glimpse of his lilting flight across the pasture... each rhythmic flap of his wings propelling him slightly higher, each recovery of his wings allowing the same distance in gentle, falling descent.  Undulating, soaring, gliding, falling, as he called an alarm to his mate (presumably because I had ventured into his territory.)

High in the tops of the locust grove, that grows at the lowest point of the pasture,  I heard the "Peter- peter" call of what should have been a tufted titmouse; but I quickly corrected my thought, as the song  immediately changed to that of altogether different species.  Mr. Mockingbird had fooled me again... if only for a moment.  Quickly, the sound of the mockingbird was overtaken by the alarm calls of our small flock of guinea fowl.

I could feel the warmth of the sun through the cool breeze - a breeze that brought the faintest scent of lilac to my nostrils.  The lilac bushes that grow between the pasture fence and the road had just begun to bloom.

To the west of me, the sheep were napping in the shade of the pasture fence.

To the east of me, the pigs were munching their way across the pasture.

The sky was as blue as ever and the billowy clouds danced across the azure backdrop, propelled by the spring wind.

It's these moments that are my most contented.  And, they are moments that could very easily be missed.   Taking the time to try to describe every tiny morsel of a moment is a wonderful way to be truly present in that moment.  Concentrating on everything that meets my senses is like keeping my finger on the "focus button" of the moment.  

If you are seeking magic in your life, take a moment to completely immerse yourself in a moment in nature.  Use all of your senses to experience that moment.  Let go of every thought as you tune in to your senses.  Then try to describe the moment as if sharing it with someone else.  What you will have done is to give yourself a gift.... a perfect, beautiful moment of peace and tranquility.  I don't believe there is anything better than that!

The moment passes, focus is lost... and another moment arrives...



We had a delightful, quiet weekend here on the farm.  I visited our local greenhouse and brought home some annuals and perennials to plant in the gardens.  I also picked up a variety of tomato and pepper plants, which I shall keep in the greenhouse until all threat of frost has passed.  Saturday, at noon, we took a bike ride through the spring countryside.

We are very lucky to live in a place where roads are predominately empty, so riding is safe.  There is so much to see along the way. 


I love seeing cows out on pasture.   Sadly, many cows never get this luxury.

Wildflowers are blooming everywhere...

and the countryside is bursting with life!


daisy g said…
Beautifully written, Bev!
Anonymous said…
Truly enjoyed this post. Thanks so much for sharing.
Marcia LaRue said…
And so my day begins with a brief, but uplifting, visit to BHA! I can almost smell the sweet morning air and ... oh my ... the perfume of lilacs!
Enjoy your day and this start to the last week of April!!
Martha Shiffer said…
Thank you for your blogs . . . I enjoy each very much. I am a former resident of Pennsylvania now living in Florida and love seeing your photos of the farm, the animals and all the things you do.
phyllis Schmitz said…
Beautifully written today.
This N That said…
You have no trouble finding the perfect words..You do it very well..Lovely post..xxoo
Dee J. Hartman said…
My writing this is not a duty:
Your words, your photos have such beauty xoxo
Your time's well spent, sharing your life,
Dear author, seamstress, chef, warm wife,
Dear farmer, blogger, builder, Grams,
Dear cherished friend of all your fans
Who read your blogs through days and nights,
Thank you, again, for sweet delights!

Gosh I love all your commenters.....they are so sweet and thoughtful. What can I possibly add to their beautiful comments. You write like a true poet and make coming here such a joy and a gift. Besides your words, your photos are always another wonderful gift. How nice that your roads are not packed with vehicles...I love your pics from your bike ride....beautiful rolling hills and quaint farms. Just lovely. Thank you.