The Pain of Clinging - The Peace of Letting Go

 If you read yesterday's post, you undoubtedly now know how uncomfortable runner ducks are with change.  They like their little world exactly the way it is.  We added some rejected (by the horses) hay to the muddy ground in the duck yard and you would have thought lava was streaming through the yard.  They wouldn't touch the hay - wouldn't even go near it.


Today they have adapted... so much so, that they are cozily making little nests in the hay and picking through it in search of insects.  Today the hay is perfect.  And they like it exactly the way it is.   "Please don't change it, by the way."

We humans are similar to ducks in this manner.  We don't much like change.  We love the security of knowing that our own little world will stay the same as it is - right now.

And yet, the only thing in life that is certain is change.  Change happens every day - to the world, to us... everywhere.  Change is constant.  Our task is learning to adapt, to accept what is - even when what-is isn't what-used-to-be.  And then.... hang on... what-is is never what-will-be.  Right?  That's life.  Life is change.

As I worked around the dry lot yesterday afternoon,

I stared out into the front pasture at what has to be my most favorite scene of the entire year.

There stood our 250+ year-old log cabin, surrounded by blossoming forsythia, and flowering quince - the sun illuminating the colors -and the sheep and pigs contentedly grazing in the green, green pasture.  To me, it is a picture of pastoral heaven.  

And yet, the scene is fleeting.  Tomorrow it will have changed a little and every day after that it will morph into something slightly different.  And though today's scene will change, it will still be beautiful in other ways... the entire year through - even in the cold, dead of winter.  And though I love it just as it is at this moment, I will appreciate it through all of its changes.

This little log homestead has lived through much change... sheltering so many families in its lengthy history - so many souls, so many stories, so much change.  Lives began and lives ended within those walls.

 It's something that I have to remind myself of when I ponder the rest of my life.  Nothing will stay the same, and yet, all of it has inherent quality and beauty.

Some day, when I am long gone, another set of eyes will gaze upon this scene on a day like today, and ponder the changes that this old cabin has seen.  And... I will be just another in a long line of silent stories.

Embrace today, dear friends... as there will never be another day quite like it!  

And, as the day ends, let it go... and ready yourself for the change that tomorrow brings.

With love, from the farm!


Thank you for this encouraging post! I do not like change but yet as things change we do adapt. Just had a major change happen and though it has saddened me it made it possible for other changes to happen. Good things. Of course as you say life is change everyday, little by little.
Have a great day!
Jody in Georgia said…
Just noticed you Birdbrain University sign and it is my first laugh of the day. Your "peace of letting go" is right on. We have two furkids in our family that we feel God will be calling home soon and although that is quite painful we consider all the joy they have given to us and know we will still have our memories when they are gone from earth.
Marcia LaRue said…
What a beautiful post this morning! The forsythia are trying to put the daffodils out of the bright yellow business! LOL
I AM hoping for a change ... yesterday afternoon something hit my sinuses and the nose faucet opened up and it is still flowing this morning! I am not known for having allergies except for Spring blossoms hitting me hard ... even when I'm not out in them!! Ugh!!
Katmom said…
Hey Bev,, I to have a forsythia bush and flowering quince. N the Spring the bees Love buzzing around the quince blossoms, which by the way small heavenly.
Yes, change is life,,, whether we like it or not.. but with out change, we'd be bored silly..
Hugz from my garden to yours.
littlemancat said…
Lovely post, especially love the idea of all the souls who have lived their lives on the farm, well, anywhere. Yesterday when I was out and around French Creek, just slowly walking and feeling the day, I found Trout Lilies - also called Dogtooth Violets, by the creek. Lots of skunk cabbage, Spring Beauties, and violets too. I felt my mother's presence as she was the one who taught me their names. Souls.
phyllis Schmitz said…
And with love to you for this fabulous blog you give us.
This N That said…
Adapt, we must..There are times when change is welcome!! xxoo
Leslye said…
Love to you and your words of wisdom.
You're so right about change..... it's inevitable! Yet we still cling to sameness so much of the time. I am so happy to see that the ducks adapted to the hay! I was so hoping that would happen. Bless their hearts. Thanks for a great message today, great pictures, a great blog!
nuri said…
Ha, success!, Nervous Little Runner Ducks finally enjoying their hay! :) And Mr. Most Handsome Moonbeam is still most handsome(great photo of him!) Thanks for another lovely post.