Seeking Spring

 Looks like Spring...

feels like Winter!

I spent several hours outside yesterday weeding the landscaping, getting ready for mulching.  It's almost May and I was dressed in snow pants, wool top, sweatshirt, down jacket and rain jacket... with a hat and winter gloves.  It's crazy cold right now, but still feels good to be outside getting things checked off of the Spring To-Do list.

The farrier came to trim hooves yesterday.

Happily, I had a well behaved herd (as always).

Although, Chloe did protest when I asked her to put on a halter.  As is usual, she had to run around her yard acting like this was not something she could possibly do.  No, wearing a halter would be the most awful fate for a donkey... she tried to make me feel guilty.  I, on the other hand, have the patience of Job, and simply let her run around like a ninny until she finally acquiesces. 

  "There, now, was all that fuss really necessary?"

Of course, as the farrier was trimming her sister, Daphne,  (who, by the way, doesn't need a halter because she stands perfectly still like the angel that she is).... and who, while we were busy with sweet, cooperative Daphne, Chloe was trying her best to worm her way into the center of attention.

"You had your chance, little girl!" 

 Once the farrier gets to work, Chloe decides that the situation is not all that bad after all, and stands perfectly still.  She's a Jekyll/Hyde donkey, but I love her just the same!

Meanwhile, Daphne now jockeys for position.  These two always compete for attention.  Luckily, there's always enough affection to go around!

If y'all happen to find Spring out there somewhere, could you please send her our way!  I have much gardening to do, and this cold is putting that on hold.

PS.... Happy Birthday to Joyce of Octoberfarm!!!

We have a quiet weekend planned here on the farm.  I hope to do a little painting.  I am loving this journey....

If things warm up a bit, I'd like to do a Spring video.  Fingers crossed.  Have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are!!


Marsha said…
It was really cold for about 5 days but it is starting to warm up again so it should be coming your way!
Lisa said…
Yup! Cold cold cold here also. Brrrrr. Yesterday we even had snow! It didn't stay on the ground but that's not the point. Brrrrr
colleen said…
Love that bunny. Have a great weekend. xoxoxo
daisy g said…
I'm lookin' at 32 degrees right now, Bev, but I've been told that once the blackberries have bloomed, winter is over. Well, we saw some yesterday blooming, so this must be it.

That bunny is absolutely adorable! You are very good!

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend! We have a full Saturday of rain ahead, which we need.
Diane said…
Your painting skills are improving rapidly! You are very talented in so many ways.
The JR said…
We always say that the equines are acting like "pickaninny's" if that is such a word.

You are doing great in your artwork. I really love it. Would be so cool to add some hand painted things to some denim jackets or jeans.

Happy weekend.
Anonymous said…
Your painting skills are really good! Love that rabbit.
Judy G said…
Your blog posts are the highlight of my breakfast time each morning!
I love hearing about all the animal antics!
It's been cooler here in the desert of southern Arizona this week too.
70's and 80's, not the usual 90's, so I am very thankful for that!
My garden is mostly planted now but was very late this year because of late cold snaps.
Have a peaceful weekend!
This N That said…
I hope we are done with the 30's now!! I put my flowers out again this AM..
Glad your herd was well behaved..After all, It's for their own good but then, they know that!! so funny..
Your Bunny is wonderful..
Enjoy your weekend..Hugs
phyllis Schmitz said…
Keep on painting, love Mr Bunny.
Lynne said…
I can identify with the dressing up like it is winter.
It is darn right cold out there.
We have some low 50’s today so maybe that is a promising sign!
I spent the morning outdoors and just came in to warm up.
I love watching and listening to the birds.
Nest building going on too . . .
Making a bunch of changes outdoors, clearing
out some things, adding some new others.
I like my Monday helper grandson for 2-3 hours or so.
Amazing how much that helps.
Mister Irish is still not able to do his usuals.
Opening for some good news today when we see the doctor . . .
Eileen in Fla. said…
I enjoy everything about your stories of farm life. I also enjoy the reader comments about the weather in different parts of America - It really illustrates what a large and diverse country we live in. Here in North Florida, it is 'coolish' too. Lows in upper 40's and 65 high today. I love a long Spring.
Unknown said…
Looks like Mr. Rabbit just got caught munching carrots. Great job, Bev! I just knew you had painting skills hidden in that lovely mind of yours. Come on down to Louisiana and enjoy spring with us. It has been incredibly lovely!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
it's funny, i had the exact same look on my face as your bunny when i got up this morning and realized how old i am. thanks for the BD wishes!

Yep we had that cold too and then sent it on to you! Sorry bout that. It's warming up again here now, little by little. So fun to hear the stories about your donkeys and horses....all with their own personalities for sure.
That picture of the rabbit is wonderful....did you draw that? wow. You have so many talents. I'm glad one of them, is making this blog! Have a great weekend.
Dee J. Hartman said…
Loving Your Blogs

Love your 'herd' of gentle friends..
(But this "ain't where my comment ends!)
I love your art and baking, too,
I love most everything you do!
You live a busy thoughtful life,
Tending needs as farmer's wife,
Your photos, with your blogs. . . superb,
Of you, your "fam" and your small herd
of animals that fill your farm,
That bring on all that country charm!
We love to read your blogs each day,
And view your photos on display!
Keep it up,
You're doing fine...
And now I'm done with writing rhyme...
Just "do your stuff" ...what you do best,
Then don't forget to take a rest.
Katmom said…
Daphne & Chole have mastered the fine art of.. Photo Bombing!!!!
hugz from over in my neck of the woods!
nuri said…
Dee J. Hartman, what a lovely little poem, so sweet, and expresses perfectly my thoughts when I visit here, love it!