Visiting Wren In Her Nest

 We are home from our adventure!  After almost an entire year of pretty much staying here on the farm, we left on Thursday and drove to North Carolina... an 8+ hour drive.  It was raining when we left and we carried the rain along with us the whole way south.  Where we were headed was predicted to have tornados... not something we were eager to experience.  However, luck was on our side, and by the time we arrived, the tornados had re-routed and we were met with sunshine and spring blossoms.

Our first stop was a quick visit with a dear friend.  Then on to visit our youngest grand baby who we had not previously met, except via video chat.

Meet Wren Marie.... with the most engaging smile!

 We call her our Carolina wren... because she is Wren from North Carolina... not to mention the Carolina wren is a favorite bird here on the farm with the sweetest song of all and a preponderance for making its (their) nests in our garage.

While visiting, we gave Wren's parents a couple hours off from parenthood so that they could run some errands without a baby - and we went out for a long stroller walk,

and found lots of ways to entertain her.

We spent the weekend with Wren and her parents trying to soak up as much time with our long-distance grand baby as possible.  If we had our way, all of our kids and grandkids would be local.  And if truth were known, I'd have them all build houses here on the farm so that we could have one large family compound.  But life doesn't always work out the way we would have it.  It's ok, though... I am so very grateful that they each have wonderful lives.   Between us, we have four grown children, their spouses, and 5 healthy, happy grandchildren.  Life is good - we can ask for nothing more! 

Ok.... those cheeks!!  

While we were gone, "The Girls" stayed in the house and dog-sat for us.  

If you have followed farm life for any length of time, you will already have met Macy and Maggie and their mom.  They've been a part of our farm family for many years.  We keep threatening to adopt them all!

Lucky for us, they are always eager to farm-sit for us.

Knowing that our dogs, as well as all of the other animals, will have lots of love while we are gone gives us tremendous peace of mind.

The Girls have a new family member who came along to the farm for the first time.  Mama Bernadette is a rescue pup (she had had puppies and was abandoned before she struck gold and ended up in her forever family).  Apparently, Mama B and Sammie became good couch buddies while we were gone!

As with every trip away from the farm, one of my favorite parts is always coming home again. 

 Home is my happy place.  

And, now that warmer weather has arrived... I'll be jumping into all sorts of exciting projects around the farm.  Finally, I will have some interesting things to share with you.  By the end of the winter I was feeling a little redundant.  Spring has a way of refilling my inspiration baskets.  Look out... Spring fills me with energy, enthusiasm, and inspiration!  This coming week I'll start planting the garden.  

Many thanks to our neighbors, Anna, Jim and Kathy for holding down the farm while we were gone!!!


colleen said…
Good morning. Happy to have you back. Wren is such a doll. Must of been a bittersweet day when it was time to come home. Do you suppose "the girls" would come to Maine to house/dog/chicken sit for us? :) Can't wait to see what you have to share with us. xoxoxo
Lynne said…
What a sweet Carolina Wren bundle. . .
Happy your travels were pleasant and you are back home safe sound, energized.
I liked seeing the pictures of the “family help” while you were away.
Happy Springtime days ahead!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
omg...those cheeks!!! 5 grandkids...i'm never going to catch up let alone get one! maybe one of these days. you are so lucky to have such good sitters. happy spring. i have SO many plans in the works for this year!
daisy g said…
Welcome home. It's good to have you back safe and sound.

You're never redundant. For those of us who would like to live on a farm and don't, it makes it better just to see what goes on at your place.

littlemancat said…
Happy you're home safe and sound, and happy that you made the trip to see that sweet little Wren - she's beautiful!
Marcia LaRue said…
Welcome back ... we all missed you but know you were on a much-needed trip to see that little chunky monkey, Wren!! Those chubby cheeks just need tons of kisses!!! I'm sure you gave them lots!

Katmom said…
Welcome home... even after a lovely get away, it is always a good feeling to return to the comforts and familiarity of home.💖
This N That said…
Glad you had a fun and safe visit..I'm sure that you had a nice visit with your Carolina Wren..SHe's so cute..Love the chubby cheeks..So nice that you have the girls to take care of BHA while you were away...It makes it easier to go away.
.Nice to see the budding trees..won't be long..
Happy planting..I think there are 2-3 more nights with freezing temps in the wings..
Thanks for including us in your fun visit to North Carolina. Your little Wren is a real cutie. Such darling pictures of her! So glad to hear that you guys had a wonderful time there....and thanks for sharing the pics of your back home farm-sitters too. How wonderful to have friends that can help out so well when you're gone. Glad you're back and looking forward to many springtime doings at your wonderful place!