I've Got Sunshine....

"I've got sunshine, on a cloudy day.   When it's cold outside, I've got the month of May.   I guess you'd say... what can make me feel this way?"   (© Smokey Robinson and the Temptations)

If you grew up in the same era as me, you'd know that the next line and title of the song is "My Girl."

I found myself singing that song last evening with the words changed to "my kids".  There is nothing in this world that makes my heart happier than my family.  Finally, after too much time has passed, we were able to spend the weekend with some of our family.

Tyler came to spend the weekend on the farm.  He's grown into such a sweet, loving adolescent.  It was truly a pleasure to have him here with us.  

He has learned to play chess, so while I was busy doing some fire-side knitting, he and Hubbs played a chess match.

I baked another batch of sourdough bread,

and experimented with making chocolate pastries (yummy!).

Friday and Saturday were warm enough that quite a bit of our snow melted.  Water is running everywhere around the farm and the ground is super-saturated and muddy.  It is going to be some time before things start to dry out.

Tyler helped with Saturday chores - and was the designated Griz carrier. 

 Griz loves to come along whenever we are working around the farm. 

Riding on someone's shoulder is his idea of heaven.  He perched himself with his hind feet in Tyler's hood and his front feet on his shoulder... purring and purring.

On Sunday, our Littles decided to come up to the farm so that they could also spend some time with Tyler.  This Grammie's heart was so full it almost burst!

Our littlest, Elijah is just starting to sit by himself.  He is the happiest baby I have ever known.   I am sure this is in part due to the fact that he has two older siblings who absolutely adore him and keep him well-stimulated.  He just rolls with whatever is happening at any given time.

Though not the usual day on the farm... it rained cats and dogs all day.... we spent our time indoors playing games.  It was truly the most fun I have had in a year!

Update on Chloe:  Her surgery for the new sarcoid tumor on her leg is scheduled for Wednesday morning.  Apparently, some equines are prone to these tumors.  There are several different types and there is really no great solution to them... and no way to prevent them.  So, the plan is to keep any eye on here and whenever any start to grow, we will remove them.  Sadly, there are just no great options.


colleen said…
Weekends don't come much nicer than what you had. I can hear the happy in your writing. On this end it was so nice to see your grands. It amazes me how Tyler has grown. I bet they were as happy to be at BHA as you were to have them.
Thanks for the update on Chloe. Hopefully these bouts will be far and few in between. xxx
Lynne said…
Now that sounds like a perfect, fun weekend.
Put a smile on your face and the “grands” too!
Hope Chloe continues to weather these surgery happenings!
Enjoy these slip, sliding, muddy days . . . (we know what comes after!)
daisy g said…
Sweet family time. Nothing better.

Chloe, you'll be in our prayers!

Enjoy the big thaw!
littlemancat said…
What a happy week-end! Beautiful grandchildren, one and all. Oh, that baby boy! And Tyler does seem the sweetest young man - Griz knows!
Thanks for the Chloe update and we're all sending her love.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
my husband gets his second shot tomorrow and i get mine next week. the blog tech has had his first and my daughter and son in law get their's next week. we are almost there! we're planning a trip to amish country and farm fresh eggs for as soon as we are all safe! i can just imagine how great it was to be together over the weekend!
Love your happy blog.....how cute all the grandkids are....especially that pic of the baby sitting! I love the pics of Griz riding on Tyler's shoulder too.
Did Chloe have a sarcoid tumor on her neck too? I didn't realize she had one on her leg. Will be praying for her. Glad to see things are melting by you, even if it does mean mud! Take care.