Camera Crew

 Now that Spring has arrived, I travel around the farm with my "good" camera more frequently.  When not in use, it rests on the passenger seat of the gator.

Is it safe to assume that Griz is interested in being my photography assistant?

Meanwhile, I caught Beatrix saying her prayers the other day.  I wonder what was on her mind....

We had quite a rainy day yesterday.  I spent my morning baking more bread.  Each loaf gives me the opportunity to improve my top-slashing... the left loaf turned out pretty good.  The right... not so much.

While the bread cooled, I put the finishing touches on these two aprons for my Etsy shop.  I'll get them there later today.

The weather made it the perfect day for a trip to town.  With some family business to attend to, I was away from the farm for the afternoon.  Thus... I have nothing newsworthy to report!  

Today I will be making my first (of many) trips to one of our local greenhouses.  It's time to plant some spring flowers and bring some color back to the farm!

I am so excited for the Spring explosion of plant-life and will be making a Spring video sometime in the next couple of weeks.  You can be sure, I will have no idle time in the coming weeks.  There's so much to do at this time of year!  And yes, the fairies will soon be here to help me get it all done!!

Hubbs has been busy re-vamping his workshop in the barn.  It's been an eyesore for years.  After hours of work, it's starting to look quite organized.  We have lots of fun projects planned to work on there, together, in the coming months as well.  

It seems we may never run out of projects!


Anonymous said…
What do you plant this early we still have a chance of frost so I will wait till May.
Bee Haven Bev said…
Pansies and violas can tolerate the frost and cold.
Anonymous said…
This N That said…
As long as you have an imagination, you will never run out of projects..
I, too, am anxious to start planting..I bought my fern today and will bring it in when night temps get into the 30's..There are a few in the forecast..I'm not a believer in that "after Mothers Day" thing..I'm usually done before Mothers Day..Happy planting..

jaz@octoberfarm said…
it's such a busy time of year. i am cleaning everything, starting seeds, re-potting, all that stuff. such fun!
Are those sourdough loaves? I'vetriedmy handon those but I'm so confused about the timing. When to feed, when to make the dough, when to bake .. I got a few OK loaves but mostly bricks 😁
Bee Haven Bev said…
They are sourdough loaves...... email me so I have your address and I will email you back a great recipe that has good instructions!
Lynne said…
Liking the “camera curl up” and “praying one” too.
Busy time of the year but isn’t it glorious to experience.
Still very chilly here, but one inch pop ups happening.
Liking your aprons . . . I can attest . . . wonderful wear!
Oh Happy Springtime!