Breakfast Help and Weekend Fun

There's nothing more delightful than a beautiful spring weekend spent with our grandchildren.  And Spring has definitely arrived!

We had a farm weekend with Tyler (10), Mackenzie (5), and Easton (3).

It was a weekend packed with farm fun and lots of outdoor activity.  We hiked the Dragon Tree Trail and Tyler remarked that no matter how old he gets, exploring the trails never loses its appeal.  Saturday evening, we explored the woods via golf cart with a spotlight.  We do this whenever we can.  "Going on safari" is one of the kids' favorite nighttime activities, and gives them an opportunity to see the forest critters at night... their eyes shining back at us.

Part of spending time on the farm is dedicated to taking care of the normal farm tasks - like feeding animals, cleaning up manure, and helping with the garden.  I had three helpers planting the rest of our onion sets and then watering them.

I try to encourage all of the kids to participate in whatever activity we need to do... even to help with meal preparation.

Sunday morning, we made homemade buttermilk pancakes. 

 Mackenzie measured out all of the dry ingredients.  Easton cracked the eggs and measured the buttermilk.  And Tyler dropped the batter onto the griddle.

I am a firm believer that when kids participate in growing or preparing food, they have a better appreciation for it.   I also love to help kids with life skills.  So much can be learned in the kitchen.

You will need to follow the link to see the video,   HERE is a link to it.

As you can see.... Easton, at three, has mastered egg-cracking.  And I'm happy to report that there was not a single egg shell in the scrambled eggs! 


Lynne said…
Love seeing your grands experiencing the farm.
You are good people . . .
Onions are planted
Eggs are cracked
Team effort making pancakes
Nighttime safari
The list goes on, I loved watching . . .
(I need to go back for the video, I don’t think I reached correct site.)
jaz@octoberfarm said…
i couldn't get the video not matter what i tried. you are a great teacher and the kids learn things on every visit. they will never forget this.
Marcia LaRue said…
What a wonderful weekend for all of you!
Yup ... video says it's a Private Video and would not open!
I agree about kids having the skills needed to be in the kitchen and actually make something [edible] ... LOL I made sure both my boys went through Home Ec. and both ended up being excellent cooks!! Plus ... teaching them kitchen skills at home!! So worth it!!
This N That said…
What a fun weekend for all!!..Those kids will remember these times forever..What great memories and so much learned and to be learned..
Not so sure Spring has arrived..I think I'll give it another week..
The Safari sounds wonderful..We need a Safari video??
The kids do very well in the kitchen..I suspect they help at home as well..If there is a degree in egg cracking..Easton has earned his. xxoo
jaz@octoberfarm said…
the video works now! wow...what concentration easton has! i really enjoyed watching this.
Bonita Noll said…
Adorable! That Easton is a pro with those eggs! Precious memories!