I must apologize... after yesterday's blog's break from the snow, I am afraid we are back at it again.  Although, Spring is only a month away - so the snow is fleeting.

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish a heart-felt thank-you to our snow removal crew.

 For his excellent direction and management... Griz, our snow removal supervisor.

And to Hubbs who kept our lanes plowed with his fun, little snowplow.... so that we could reach all of the animals and take care of everyone's needs in this endless winter of snowstorms!  There is no way we could survive winter without a plow to clear the lanes.

I am sure that if they could speak English (because, we already know that chickens do talk!) they would definitely thank Hubbs for all of the paths that he routinely shoveled from one chicken house to the other so that the girls could meet somewhere in the middle for snack time and gossip!

Thank-you to our neighbor, Jim, who helps move snow with his tractor when needed; and our neighbor Anna and her girls who also dig in and help to shovel out the animals when needed.

It takes a village!

As for the pigs - "Thank you for plowing your own little paths clear all by yourselves."  With snacks as a motivator, they routinely plowed their path to the treat box.  God forbid they should miss out on a single snack!

And the sheep - who make my heart happy in the winter time,  as I have no winter sheep worries at all.  

They are built for this weather and if the truth were known, would prefer a 365-day-long winter!

The donkey gals, however, have been doing a bit of grumbling these past few weeks.  If you walk close enough you can overhear a few expletives exchanged between them.

Even Brown Sammie has winter fatigue and prefers to be chauffeured around the farm.

Can't you just see it in his eyes?

Well, it looks like we need to stop and pick up another passenger.

Somedays there's not enough room for the humans who need to get around the farm!

By the time you read this, much of our snow will be turning to slush.  We are in the beginning of a warming trend and will be hearing water running across the land for the next few days.  Finally, the earth's thirst will be quenched.  The streams will be filled.  And, the countryside will slowly begin to  wake up.  It won't belong until a barely perceptible buzz will begin beneath our feet.  Roots will start to wriggle and new life will form just beneath the surface.  Although we cannot yet see it... take heart... the process is beginning!


daisy g said…
I have a feeling that plowing snow on that lil' gadget is not so much work as it is an adventure! Surely, our ancestors would have been thrilled to have such a device!

Thank you for sharing all of your lovely snow pictures. I think our snow is over for this winter, but at least we got a taste.

Stay toasty!
Marcia LaRue said…
According to a friend in York, PA ... not only will the earth be abuzz but so will the cicadas be buzzing in PA this year. Their 17 year cycle has them waking up and crawling out to mate, die and drive everyone crazy for a couple of months!!!
Not only Brown Sammie, but Chester, as well, has that hang-dog look to them! Oh my ... their eyes are so telling! And, then ... the cat gets to sit in the seat of the Polaris! Too cute!
We are getting a bit of snow out here in CO this morning! It won't last long ... it never does!
Getting my 2nd vaccine shot this morning!
Enjoy your day!!!
littlemancat said…
That was fun, as an observer, to see all the snow removing methods at Bee Haven Acres! And Brown Sammie's eyes...
Love Griz the supervisor.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
marcia is right...your area is about to have a cicada awakening! we had it last year or maybe it was the year before. time is running together these days! i was out inspecting things yesterday and there are lots of green shoots everywhere. it's very exciting!
This N That said…
Yes, all it takes is a couple of warm, sunny days and things start pushing their little noses up through the soil..Nice to see even though their noses may get a little frostbite..
BHA is a well oiled machine...Good job all!! Hugs
Lynne said…
Oh my girl . . .
Snowy days have added plenty to your work days.
If you are melting like we are it will present another scenario.
Like in PUDDLES . . . they are happening, rain and light snow predicted for tonight.
Springtime is “in the mood” though . . . I can smell it!
Put on your wellies and let’s enjoy!