Sharing Is Good

We have certainly had our share of austere beauty this winter, no?

Yesterday, as I was leaving the farm to run some errands, it looked like this... beautiful to the eyes, but easy on the feet and tires, as roads and lanes were fairly clear.

By the time I returned home, late morning, another quick blizzard had moved through dropping another (at least) three inches... covering the previously clear roads.

I am wondering... just how much austere beauty should one be privileged to?  Shouldn't we share with others?  That is why I am suggesting that any further storms should just hold onto their snow and send it down to the Southern Hemisphere when their winter arrives in a few months.  It's not that I am tired of all this snow or anything... it's just that I truly believe in spreading the love around!

Yes, I am quite eager for Spring!!  Over the next several weeks I hope to get seeds started in our greenhouse.  I am hoping that the snow on the greenhouse roof will soon be gone!  It's been there all winter.

 The pond has frozen a bit over the past few weeks.   There is now an ice bride that connects the front to the back.

  It's quite convenient for the 50-some ducks that frequent the pond... stopping by daily for their meals and companionship.

We are hoping that our weather predictions for the next two weeks hold true.  Temperatures are to begin to rise into the 40's and then up into the 50's.  Perhaps the snow will melt over these days and replenish the underground water table.  All of this moisture should certainly make for a beautiful spring!

I am eager to see if our wild bee colony survived this harsh winter.  I am praying that it did.  With temperatures in the 50's, we may begin to see a little activity around the hive.

And there is no doubt, that bunking together for over a month, the runner ducks will be happy to see the guineas leave the duck house and reclaim their roosting spot in the maple tree at the back of the barn!  (Not to mention the jubilation the ducks will feel when able to once again roam the farm!)

Yesterday's photo of Moonie may have left some of you under the impression that his eye socket is open.  I assure you, it is not.  His eyelids were stitched together.  Immediately after surgery the area beneath his eyelids was swollen and protruding, but with time, the swelling has resorbed and the eyelids have sunken down into the eye socket.  All is well-healed and all is well-covered.  Sorry to have worried you with that photo.  It is a fairly impressive shadow on the photo.

Lastly, I had an idea for those cinnamon buns that I made.  Next time, I think I will fill the dough layers with an almond paste (I have to look up how to make that) and then top each with a dollop of lemon curd!  YES!!  I really have to find an outlet for baked goods.  Perhaps a tea house in the old log cabin?  Would you come and join me for tea and pastries?


nuri said…
Well, I think I would run! to join you for tea and that kind of scrumptious pastries!! However not before helping you with the mucking, feeding, and brushing, and of course giving lots of scritches all around (sparing the fowl)... :)
Lisa said…
Mmmmmmm lemon! I love lemon. I'd go visit you in your tea house for coffee and sweets! After Covid of course. You can send some of those snow storms up north to us. We've only had one dumping of snow so far and it wasn't that much either.
Anonymous said…
Just name the day and I will be there.

Marcia LaRue said…
Thank you so much for the clarification on Moonie's eye ... whew!!
I think the sheep will be glad for some snow melt rather then having it clear up to their bellies!
I think we are ALL in need of Spring getting here sooner then later! We are to have temps in the 60s today ... just like yesterday and then ... snow on Wednesday! Winter just is not completely done with us just yet!!
Pastry + almond paste ... OMG ... bear claws!!!
Junebug said…
Just tell me the neatest airport and I'll be there for tea and lots of pastries!
This N That said…
I think this last snow was the prettiest..Yes, we have been white all this month..They have been nice, little snows but make for more and more shoveling and have accumulated quite a bit..Not much melting until now!! Sharing would be good..
Love those cinnamon buns and would be happy to join you for tea and pastries...Wish we were closer..
Enjoy this pretty day!!
I'm on my way for your tea and pastries....just tell me how to get there! :) I think your language is hilarious today....I especially loved when you said "I am wondering... just how much austere beauty should one be privileged to? "
You gave me a good laugh at that one! I also tried to find what an Ice Bride was....but I'm guessing you meant an Ice Bridge???
Love your blog, Bev....thanks for taking the time to do it every day of the work week. I'd have a darn hard time, without it! Blessings to you and yours. Can't wait to see you potting up things for Spring!
Lynne said…
There is snow and then there is a beautiful exceptional snow.
We too had one of those this February . . .
One of the best in a long long while.
I am ready for spring now!