When The Rain Freezes

Besides the softest patter of freezing rain on the roof, yesterday was almost silent.  Our world stood motionless as the thinnest layer of ice coated everything.

It was not a day for venturing outdoors, unless completely necessary... which, is the category that animal chores falls into.

We wormed the herd yesterday... administering a paste wormer that supposedly tastes like apple.  

The horses weren't buying the whole apple idea.  With resignation, they swallowed their dose and asked for a peppermint chaser.  Everyone cooperated, with the exception of tight-lipped Ollie, whose dose ended up in his cheek fur.  We will have to re-visit the feed store this morning to get another box of wormer so that we can this time get Ollie's dose into his mouth.

Aside from that, absolutely nothing worthy of a report happened yesterday on this quiet, still day.   The fireplace was the center of my day... and I used the time to make headway on the current knitting project.

I had to laugh, Karen, at your comment.  You are absolutely right.  We stumbled onto the graham cracker treats for the animals after Hubbs came home from the grocery store one day so proud of himself for finding a great deal on extra large boxes of Ritz crackers...only to discover when he arrived home that they were in fact Honey Grahams!!

And "Dad"... your comment yesterday about Corn Flakes was spot on.  Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, supervisor of the Battle Creek Sanitarium,  was a follower of Reverend Graham.  He invented a bland cereal after his brother had left come cooked wheat go stale.  Dr. Kellogg put it through the rollers and produced a dry flake cereal which he then served to the patients in the sanitarium.   His brother is credited for eventually adding sugar to the flakes and producing the cereal for the public... still well-loved today!


daisy g said…
What a beautiful hen! What breed is she? Love her coloring.

We watched an amazing documentary called "The Food That Built America" about all of those founding food companies. It was fascinating and included Dr. Kellog, Rev. Graham and others.

Serendipity is a marvelous thing!
littlemancat said…
Love the goats peeking out their doorway - that's about all I did yesterday, too. And I agree that that hen is just so pretty!
Hope Ollie gets his dose down next time! Still trying, with no success, at scheduling my Covid dose. It is so difficult!
Think I'll just wait before trying again - just not enough vaccine yet.
Marcia LaRue said…
Your day sound a lot like what my last couple of days have been like ... currently 25°, sunny and looking to warm up to 41° ... that will melt the snow we've had. Lucky we have a bunch of jigsaw puzzles to work on! LOL
We are getting our vaccine shots tomorrow morning!
Hope your day warms up a bit!!
This N That said…
I saw that documentary about food in America....Interesting! ..Two more storms headed our way..the second one could be around for a bit..That Ollie..what a picnic!! Hugs
Karen said…
Your chicken featured here - the feathers are SO gorgeous! Well so are your turkeys - if we didn't have a resident cougar - I'd love to have a turkey couple:)
Lynne said…
Hope the ice has moved on out . . .
Be Safe!
Hope Ollie does better on the next med doze!