Two Minutes

It always amazes me how quickly our sky changes as the sun rises.  Some mornings, if you blink, you miss the drama.  Yesterday was one such morning.  We had an amazing show for two minutes and then it was gone as quickly as it began.

I was so happy we had the chance to witness the splendor.  To me, it's the best start to any day.  

On our early morning trip to the duck pond, we were surprised to find 51 ducks happily swimming around awaiting their breakfast.  I think we have now attracted most of the ducks in the county!

Seeing Hope yesterday morning reminded me of the saying... "to pull the wool over one's eyes".

Our sheep get incredibly messy in the winter time.  They are seriously the dirtiest animal on the farm.  The donkeys would be mortified to look so disheveled!


This autumn we added a couple new game cameras to our Hundred Acre Wood.  Instead of setting them for photos (which are snapped with motion) we set them for video capture.  Here is that video from the past 5 days. 

If the video does not show above, you can find it HERE.


Lynne said…
Yes indeed . . . catch that first bit of sunrise beauty.
Enjoyed the video . . . ears, horns, eyes . . . nose too.
And some late autumn beauty.
thank you . . . .
Diane said…
That first buck was more of a unicorn! Nature is so amazing.
littlemancat said…
Enjoyed the video so much - a look into the secret life of the woods.
And the ducks have found a safe and pleasant haven,for sure.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
just beautiful! your woods is awesome!
This N That said…
Great video. The ducks found a happy place. The deer seem happy as well. At least Nobody is shooting at them...Pretty day. Enjoy
Katmom said…
Oh Bev,, why do mornings have to go so fast...?

We had snow again today and it's suppose to snow for the next 4-5days.. I need a lovely cup of hot tea or coffee with a drop or two of Brandy! lolol!
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