A New Chapter

Sunday, December 27, 2020:  Today was a hard day.

The good thing is... it is hopefully the end of a chapter.  I am confident that we will now begin a better chapter...

We'll call this chapter "Moonie The One-Eyed Wonder Horse."

I went to the barn about an hour before noon (the time his surgery was scheduled for) so that I could spend some quality time with my boy.  He came to the fence to greet me and tears streamed down my face.  

My sadness was not so much that he was about to lose his eye, but more that I couldn't explain to him why this would happen.  We make decisions for the animals that we love and they are not able to be a part of that decision making process.  We cannot lay out the pros and the cons for them.  We cannot give them a choice.  We choose what we feel is the best course of action and they have no choice but to go along for the ride.  Honestly, though I knew we were doing what was best for Moonie.... I dreaded it!

With the blubbering out of the way, I got busy brushing and grooming him.  He stood perfectly still, enjoying the attention.  In preparation for bandaging, I braided his mane and his forelock.  

He continued to just stand there.  Now mind you, I did not have a halter on him.  He was not tethered.  He stood there because he wanted to. 

I think it had a calming effect on him, because when it was time to put on his halter and go into the barn for his surgery, he was so calm and so laid back.

Surgery, though longer than I expected went well.  I stayed out in the dry lot with the rest of the herd, 

knowing that I would not have the stomach for what was happening inside the barn.  Moonie was well sedated and lots of local anesthetic was used... so he stood perfectly still during the surgery.  It wasn't until he heard one of his family whinnying, that his ears perked up, letting us know he was still there, aware on some level.

Dr. Becky examined his eye, after its removal and was happy to see that the tumor looked self-contained and that we had caught it early.  That, of course, was a huge relief!  

He'll be spending the night in the barn with a pressure dressing in place.  Dr. Becky will check him in the morning.  Until then, he gets what he loves most in the world... liberal portions of hay to eat.

The rest of his herd has access to the next stall, so his family will be close,
but not close enough to pull off his dressings (as I am sure they would do, if given the chance.)

As for us, humans, we had a perfectly lovely and quiet holiday.  

 We rode a roller coaster of weather conditions over the past several days.  Tons of rain fell, snow melted, water ran in torrents everywhere (outside).  

Then it snowed again (no accumulation) and the temperatures plummeted.  Everything that had been wet was immediately turned to ice.  So, that is where we are right now... a frozen tundra.

Ice sculptures are everywhere... 

the result of running water and a sudden freeze.

Tiny branches look like dipped candles as they hang above the rushing water.

Lastly, I wanted to share with you that our three Littles lost their beloved dog, Black Sammy  the night before Christmas Eve.  This sudden loss has been very hard on his family.  Those of us who knew Sam will miss him greatly.

He loved his trips to the farm, and we loved having him here!


Anonymous said…
Prayers for Moonie sorry about the puppy
Lynne said…
Reflective meaningful post . . .
We are each placed in the position of
making choices for our animal family/families . . .
For sure, and you said it very well.
I think the braiding, the being with,
talking, soothing, was very calming for Moonie . . .

Sad about “mister black” . . .
Loved your ice sculpting pictures . . ..
Caring about you, Moomie, hubs, Dr. Becky, the littles . . .
Looking for a New Year and a Be Happy!
Glad all went well! I know that pain of making decisions for them and not being able to explain, it's heartbreaking. I focus on the great advocacy we give them instead, but it doesn't always help. Our old boy Max, now 26-ish, has glaucoma pretty bad in one eye - not sure if he will lose the eye yet, so far we have been able to just keep it medicated. He has lost sight in it but it's not painful, that's the key.

jaz@octoberfarm said…
i hope that moonie heals quickly and this is all just a part of his history. what a good boy he is. what happened to black sammy? i think we all deserve a carefree 2021. i'm glad this year is almost over!
The JR said…
I know that was a very hard decision. But, so glad that it was caught early. Healing prayers sent to Moonie.

Heartbreaking to hear about Black Sammy.

Diane said…
Prayers of healing for Moonie. So sad to hear about Black Sammy. I enjoyed the times you posted photos of him. So hard to lose a beloved pet. Those ice droplets look like chandelier crystals. So beautiful.
Happy and Hopeful New Year to you and all the critters.
Stephanie said…
So sorry to hear about black Sammy. Will miss hearing about him. Praying for Moonie, glad to hear that it looks like it was all caught. It's so hard making these decisions for our animals. I've been in the same boat and know how you feel!
daisy g said…
Oh, Moonie. I wish I could throw my arms around you and give you a great big ole hug. I start my day with tears, but I know that he will persevere. Sweet boy.

Sorry about Black Sammy. What a difficult time to lose a pup.

Praying for only good news in the year to come. Blessings!
Jody in Georgia said…
So sorry about Moonie, but I understand your anguish in making the decision for him. But that's the hard part in loving our animal kids. I am so sorry, too, about Sammie. My heart goes out to you and your family.
Poor Black Sammy. My condolences to his Littles. And poor Moonie -- I hope he heals quickly and makes a full recovery.
Marcia LaRue said…
Thank goodness and Dr. Becky that all went well with Moonie's surgery! At least he still has one good eye and will adjust just as a dog or cat does with one leg missing!!
So sorry about Black Sammy ... at least he went in his own time! Sometimes that is easier to accept!
Chin up ... 2021 is just around the corner and all we can do is pray and hope for the best year to come!
Love & Hugs from chilly Colorado this morning ... maybe a little snow this afternoon!!
Steph said…
My heart breaks for you and for your littles. I know Moonie will recover and be fine, but oh what a surgery to have to go through. I hope the littles and the biggies find comfort in their memories of Black Sammy.
Here's hoping the New Year is way better than the last year :)
So sorry to hear about Black Sammy. I know how much his family loved him. Please give Moonie some neck hugs from all of us and I pray everything is okay with him now.
Kari said…
Prayers for Moonie!
littlemancat said…
Started reading in tears,ended in tears. But so glad it was caught early for dear,sweet Moonie. And ever so sorry for the loss of the Littles' Sammy.
Beautiful photos of the ice and the waters.
Hugs all the way around.
Jeannie said…
I'm so very sorry for this tough time at the farm. Moonie is so fortunate to have smart people who love him and take good care of him. May wonderful memories of Black Sammy keep him close in the hearts of your littles. Take care.
This N That said…
Glad all went well with Moonies surgery..Dr Becky is a blessing..so nice that she is nearby. I'm sure you are glad that this chapter is over..Me too...once again the tears were running down my cheeks...
This week is to be the same as last week..Rising temps, rain then cold again..Strange.
So sorry about black Sammie..It's so hard to lose a dear pet..
Love your ice sculpture pics!! Hugs
farm buddy said…
Merry Christmas!
I am sure Moonie will adapt just fine.
I am very sorry about the littles' dog. That is awful news, especially so close to Christmas.
Wish you and your family the best for the New Year!
Karen said…
Oh my . . . tears all around here. Moonie should heal just fine with all of the love sent his way! But I'm so sorry that he has had to go through this - ALL of you going through this. And Black Sammy . . . how utterly heartbreaking. Someone once asked me (after we lost three dogs in one year) WHY do I put myself through it? Because if I didn't - I'd miss out on the pure love and joy of having them in my life - however brief. So you go on another day and hope for the best. I am SO hoping that next year will be a whole lot better than this one has been. Love and best wishes sent your way xoxoxo
Well Bev, I'm glad that you got Moonies surgery over and done so quickly after Christmas. I could just picture you with the tears running down your face as you calmly talked to him and braided his mane, etc. I'm so glad it all went well and now pray for his healing and adjusting to his new one eye world. I have no doubt that he will do well. Oh my, so sorry to hear about black sammy.....how awful to lose him right before Christmas. So sad for that family and all of you. So hard to lose the pets that become such an important part of the family. Was he quite old? May days take a cheerier turn soon for all of you.