The Infirmary

Yesterday brought a blustery, wintry day here on the farm... complete with snow flurries.

I arrived at the barn to find everyone warm and toasty under their heat lamps.

With frigid winds blowing, I kept the pigs' and the donkeys' heat lamps on so that they might have a refuge from the cold.

Donkeys are not especially fond of cold wind.

While feeding the cats, I noticed that the side of Griz's face was swollen.

Really swollen!  He's been a little grumpy over the past few days, growling when anyone comes close.  I think we have the explanation for that behavior!

Dr. Becky was due to make a call at the barn for Chloe's second round of Mycobacterium Cell Wall Extract injections into her sarcoid tumor.  Examining Griz, Dr. Becky felt that he had an abscess on his cheek.  She felt that it needed to be opened and drained and we decided to do that as soon as we finished with Chloe's treatment.

We Heavily sedated, Chloe stood very still.  The injections were given without difficulty.  She will likely have to have one or two more treatments in the coming weeks.  Fingers crossed that this takes care of the tumor.

Next, Griz was sedated and Dr. Becky shaved his cheek.

I'll spare you photos of the procedure (It was pretty gross!)  There was indeed a pocket of pus in Griz's cheek.  It was drained and irrigated and treated with antibiotics.  The incision was left open so that it can continue to drain.  (Owwwweeee)  

The rest of the day was spent with frequent trips to the barn to check on our patients.   It took both of them a long time for the sedation to wear off, so the patients were both a little "goofy" for part of the day.

From experience, all of these traumatic (for me) incidents always turn out ok in the end... so that is
I what I am going to count on!

When I wasn't out checking on my patients, I spent a little time in front of the fireplace finishing my lop-eared bunny.

I am happy with how she turned out.  The knitting was fairly easy, but the construction process of turning it into something that actually looks like a bunny was a little more challenging.

I have a whole book of other "wild" critters to knit... so look for more in the coming months.

I also spent a little time working on my last batch of holiday/winter masks.  I should have them in my Etsy shop by the end of the week (fingers crossed.)

Lastly, a little note about yesterday's post.   Our farm lies in the midst of a pretty vast area of land that is hunted.  I have no doubt that our local deer suffer many losses during hunting season.  And while I understand that this is necessary to keep the population down... I just don't want it done on my land.  Killing any living thing hurts my heart.  As for feeding the deer -  we do not feed them.  On rare occasions (like once every five years) we put a block out for a while just to see what our population looks like.  We get a better idea of the ages and genders of our local deer this way....curious and appreciative of these beautiful creatures.  


Marsha said…
Wow what a day you had glad everybody is doing well!
colleen said…
First of all, your bunny is just darling.
Chole and Griz sure are lucky to have their own personal nurse and Dr. Becky.
Our little 11 1/2 yo JRT died at home in the wee hours of Sunday morning. She had been to the vet on Fri as we had been Doctoring her for an ulcerated eye. Not even a clue that she would be gone Sunday morning. :(
Your fireplace prompted me to build our first wood fire of the season, in the wood furnace. The heat feels lovely. Only 12* here this morning. xoxoxo
jaz@octoberfarm said…
the bunny is too cute! what caused the infection in griz's cheek?
Bee Haven Bev said…
We really don’t have any idea why Griz got an abscess. It could have been the result of fighting with another cat ( although I have never witnessed that) or it could have been an infected lymph node.
Marcia LaRue said…
Oh my ... that bunny is adorable!
Poor Griz ... he was looking like part chipmunk ... what a blessing to have a Vet in the family and right next door!
The fire in the fireplace looks so inviting ... sigh!! A nice cup of Earl Gray would go quite nicely!!
Poor Griz. I first thought he might have a bad tooth but Dr. Becky figured it out. Give him and Chloe extra lovins from all of us.
This N That said…
Poor Griz..I'm sure he feels better now that the pressure is gone..Hope he heels well..Also hoping that this treatment takes care of Chloes tumor..Give then some strokes for me...Some for you to!! Hugs
Poor Griz! Hope he feels better soon!
littlemancat said…
Hoping Chloe and Griz are doing well - your very special patients.
How cosy that fireplace and those heat lamps look! I'd be dozing off for sure.
Poor Chloe....Poor Griz .... hope they'll both be doing just fine soon!
Lynne said…
Love Love your bunny . . .
Hope your “two” recover nicely.
I would be in knots too . .
Caring about your “farm tribe!”
Katmom said…
Oh Bev,, your BunBun turned out sweet!
As for Griz,, Our Kiki had a similar issue,, brought on no doubt by a stray attacking our Kiki... Our local Vet did the same, Lanced, irrigated & medicated.. and we kept Kiki in the house for a (not to her liking) week to heal... then go figure,, about 3 days ago Kiki got attacked again, only this time on the underside of her neck.. I cleaned it up and put ointment on it,, and she is now in the house again for a few days.. I wish I knew what is attacking her, most likely my neighbors cat,, as I have seen it go after my Kiki on our property.
Big hugz to Chloe,, hoping the tumor will be resolved...
Well, since I lack the Knitting gene you so aptly posses,, I think I will channel my inner baker tomorrow,, and make some Chocolate chip banana bread tomorrow... shall I slice you a piece?