Pumpkin, Anyone?

I was touched by the outpouring of sentiments for our Moonie and his recent "crisis".  He's a tough old soul with a heart of gold.  Happily, he is doing really well.  Your care and concern touched our hearts.  And with all of the hugs sent his way.... Moonie was touched as well!

Dr. Becky came to check on him yesterday morning and was pleased that he seemed to have no inflammation in the surgical eye.  We've been putting antibiotic ointment in his eye every 8 hours and giving him some pain medication and with that he is doing really well.

Who is that handsome man behind those Foster Grants?

His new UV protective fly mask is to arrive today, so he will be sporting the latest in protective eyewear... sunglasses for horses, basically!

Life is a little boring for all of the equines right now.  We are keeping them in the dry lot for a while so that Moonie is not out running in the pasture.  Secondly, everyone has gotten a little fat... I swear they have ribs, but you can no longer feel them!  So, staying in on hay rations will help them drop a little excess weight.

Our second recovering patient is doing most excellently.  

Griz's face is healing nicely, and he is a much happier cat these days.  It makes me wonder just what number this is out of Griz's nine lives.  I have no clue how old he is as well.

Yesterday was a lovely sunny (but cold) day.  I left the farm for a short trip to deliver eggs to our county Food Pantry.  Food pantries are being utilized during the Covid pandemic more than ever.  Please consider donating to your local food bank or food pantry during this exceptionally difficult time.  According to "Feeding America" food banks can always use peanut butter, canned soup, canned fruits and vegetables, canned stew, canned fish, canned beans, and whole grain pastas.

Well, it's almost that time of year when pumpkins are replaced by greens and pinecones.  I've been taking our pumpkins (a couple at a time) to the chicken pen.  As soon as I crack one of these orange squashes open, the chickens come running.   Even Tom turkey loves pumpkin seeds!

Pumpkin is good for chickens as it helps to prevent (and get rid of) gastrointestinal parasites (worms).

Yesterday I thought I would see if the pigs would enjoy a pumpkin treat.

MaryAnn took a sniff and then turned up her nose.

Ginger took a bite and then turned away muttering "Yuck!".

Looks like the chickens will have no competition.

Today I will begin decorating Maven Haven for Christmas.  And though our Christmas is going to be just like our Thanksgiving... without family or friends, I plan on decorating as if we were going to have a big party.... just to share with you!

Yesterday's projects were many and varied.  I mixed up some fresh sourdough bread that will be baked this morning.  The leftover sourdough was turned into crumpets.  I baked an Apple Harvest cake (half recipe) because we had some apples that were starting to wilt.  Dinner was a homemade bacon/spinach quiche.  Today, I'll make a pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, and stuffing.  It will be just Hubbs and I for Thanksgiving, but we are going to eat a traditional dinner. (And then live off of leftovers for the next week!). We plan to visit with our family via Zoom calls.

Stop by the farm (blog) and visit if you have some time!!  

And... Happy Thanksgiving, friends.

Much love and hugs from the farm!


colleen said…
Happy Thanksgiving to you and Jack and bug hugs to you both.
Cheryl said…
So glad Moonie is doing well. I have decided, that if I get sick and need to be attended to, I am coming to live with you guys, lol. Your care is awesome.

You can tell that Griz is feeling well, he is grooming himself.

We live on about an acre of land,and over half is protected wetlands. There are lots of deer living back there, along with rabbits, birds, raccoons and the occasional fox. I get a few pumpkins every year for the front porch. Once they start to get a little soft, I take them out back and chunk them open. The deer love pumpkin and leave nothing behind.

Happy Thanksgiving and stay safe. :)

daisy g said…
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. You are on my list of things for which I am grateful. Your daily posts start my day off with a smile.

Bless all on Bee Haven Acres!
Maxine said…
Happy Thanksgiving to you, Jack and all your animals!
Carolyn said…
I sure enjoy your blog. Love seeing the animals, projects and baking. So hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Grandma Zee said…
So grateful all your patients are doing well. They have wonderful caregivers. My girls, aka chickens, love pumpkins too. Happy Thanksgiving to all at the farm.
Margy said…
So happy to hear Moonie is doing good. Will keep praying. I'd like your recipe for the Harvest Apple cake as I also have apples to use up. Our Thanksgiving will be so different this year - my husband has just been diagnosed with Covid. I am praying I don't get it as I have severe asthma... We are totally quarantined in our two level home. This year has sure been a struggle. Hugs- Margy in KY.
Lynne said…
Happy Thanksgiving to you and Jack.
Happy Moonie is fairing quite well.
Happy Gris is doing ok too . . .
Beachgram said…
Glad to get good news for Moonie and always pleased to see Griz, that little
doll. My kitty looks so much like him. Wishing you a good holiday.
This N That said…
So glad everyone is doing well...Happy Thanksgiving to all..Love and BIG Hugs..
jaz@octoberfarm said…
great news about griz and moonie! have a wonderful thanksgiving! we all have one huge thing to be thankful for....we have our country back!
Karen said…
SO HAPPY that your family is doing so well! Now you can REALLY celebrate Thanksgiving - have a WONDERFUL one! xoxoxo Karen
Wishing a most Happy Thanksgiving to you and Jack! I always feel welcome when I come to your blog for a visit. I'm sooooo happy to see that your patients are doing so well. You take such good care of them and your follow up care is always amazing! I'm so glad your Moonie is looking so good. Have you tried pumpkins on the sheep"? The sheep that used to live near us LOVED pumpkins!
Junebug said…
So happy Moonie is doing good! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!