Our Holiday.

Although different from most of our Thanksgiving celebrations, yesterday was a lovely day. 

 We opted for cooking just a small turkey and I made all of our favorite Thanksgiving fixings.  One whole pumpkin pie might be a lot for two of us, but we will do our darnedest to make sure every last bite is eaten!  

I only make pumpkin pie once a year, so, to us, it is a real treat!  And turkey sandwiches on homemade multigrain bread will be delicious!

We had a lovely quiet day.  We talked of things for which we are thankful.   The animals all got extra treats... carrots for most.  Even the dogs had a small special treat of plain turkey meat.

We spent a little time with our family via the internet and met our little Carolina Wren for the first time.  She slept through the entire visit with her face towards us, so we were treated to a varied repertoire of facial expressions as she peacefully dreamed.  Mom and Dad and baby are all doing well adjusting to this new life.

Between internet visits with family, we spent an hour riding our bikes.  It felt good to get outside for some fresh air and exercise.

Moonie continues to do quite well.  He greets me at the stall door three times daily- ready to get his eye ointment. (translated... ready to get his peppermint treats.)

I was glad to hear that some enjoyed the book chapter that I included in yesterday's blog.  Yes, it was Chapter 2.  A few asked about Chapter 1 - so, here you go....

 If everything works as it should, you should be able to access Chapter 1 HERE.[link]


Thanksgiving pre-empted this week's food for thought.  I assume we have all had enough food...so we'll save our thoughts for next week.

Have a wonderful weekend.  I'll be busily starting the Christmas decorating.



Karla said…
Bev, I loved this chapter of the book, too! So well written. And don't despair. Many great works of literature took YEARS to write! Not every novelist is ONLY a writer; they, too had children, jobs, animals, and farms to attend to and support. Don't fall for the idea that your life is dull or uninteresting. We find it interesting and inspiring!!!
Anonymous said…
Greatly enjoyed reading both chapters. I picture an audiobook with you as the reader. Thank you for sharing, both the chapters and your daily blog.

Parents and baby look far too relaxed for being new to this life/world.

Jeannie said…
Having read Chapter Two this morning I couldn't wait to read Chapter One just now. It was great---entertaining and informative. As a child I loved reading Laura Ingalls Wilder and her Little House books. Maybe at this mature stage in my life I have found a similar pleasure in reading about life on your farm. Thanks!
Marcia LaRue said…
Another great read from you ... but wonder about this: "... theorizes that a flip was switched in Hank one day..." I wonder if that should be: "... that a switch was flipped in Hank one day...".
Sorry ... I proofread everything!
It looks like little Wren came with quite a few feathers [hair] ... LOL Such a cute little cherub!
So glad you and Jack had a tasty day yesterday ... seems a lot of us did on our own except for the video chats and Zooms!
Sweet baby! Welcome to the world!
This N That said…
I will save chapter one for a little later today. I am running a bit late. Glad you were able to visit with family. At least we are able to do that. I am thankful for you and Jack... Happy that you are both in my life.
Carolina Wren is adorable..I hope you get to see her in person before she's in high school...LOL
It was a good day to go for a ride!!
Have a great weekend..
colleen said…
Pumpkin pie is my fav. I love how you made the crust.
What a sweet sweet baby. I love her name!
I'm sorry to say, I can't access the video :( When I try it says login.live.com refuses to connect. I guess you will have to write the book now :)
I love this rooster tale, Bev. I think I read it quite awhile ago on your blog. You have such a way with words....it's wonderful. I hope you will keep writing....your stories are so enjoyable. I think I might have had a heart attack if I'd heard those dinosaur feet coming after me! Thanks for a great story and a great blog! Take care.
Lynne said…
I haven’t had time to read Chapter two, guess I will start off with #1.
Although I missed all the usual family Thanksgiving time there
was something tender and nice to have, “just us.”
All the traditional things were made except we roasted a chicken instead of turkey.
I am not a pie person, exception, Pumpkin Pie . . . once a year, I am all set.
(I loved the freshly whipped cream very much!)
November is almost gone . . .
Decorating has begun!