Friday's Food For Thought - A Break

It's been a week, hasn't it?  It's been a stressful week that felt like it would never be over... and it still isn't I imagine... at least at the time of this writing.  I am sure you are drained, as am I.  And so you will understand that I just did not have the mental fortitude to research and write a Friday's Food For Thought.

Fear not, I won't let you go hungry.

There is still enough fodder for a blog post just on the subject of daily farm life.

Yesterday began like this...

I love mornings, and especially the mornings that I reach the barn before the sun rises.  Nothing starts my day off better than witnessing the start to the day - as the sun peeks above the horizon and night's shadows retreat.  At certain times of the year, a cacophony of birdsong provides the soundtrack.  However, at this time of year, the sun makes its entrance without applause.  It silently moves to center stage almost as if in a dress rehearsal.  The audience is there, though, silently waiting.  Silently... appreciating.

The day progressed as all days do.  And as the hours passed, the mercury rose into the mid sixties again.

The farrier came and did his bimonthly hoof trimming for all of the equines.

Chloe had her feet trimmed first and then Daphne.

We changed Daphne's dressing.  This time she was not as stoic.  The farrier had enlarged the entrance to the abscess a little, and she was quite sore.  I would gladly have taken that pain for her.   I hate to see an animal in pain.

Once her dressing was in place, though, she walked about quite comfortably.  And the good news is... the dressing remained in place all day long. (Thanks to that which fixes everything - duct tape!)

I spent the afternoon hours out and about - enjoying the warmth and the sunshine. 

 I took the opportunity to work on the pigs' hoofs... trimming MaryAnne's feet as she quietly lay beside me.  

Ginger was another story.  After minutes of cajoling her and trying to get her to lay down for a belly rub, she finally acquiesced and allowed me to trim one foot.  

Then she promptly got up and walked away with a grunt. 

 It looks like I will have to do her feet one day at a time - one foot at a time.  In the days before moving to Colorado, Amanda would help me with this task.  Ginger was always more cooperative for Amanda than for me.  Amanda has always been her "person"... as I am MaryAnne's person.  Pigs have their favorites, after all.

We were lucky to catch a flock of migrating Evening Grosbeaks at our bird feeders yesterday afternoon.  

I mentioned that the one we saw last weekend was the first either of us had ever seen. 

 So, seeing a flock at our feeders was quite a treat. 

 My camera got a good workout!

What a spectacular bird!

I've had quite a number of requests for more winter/holiday face masks.  I am in the process of finishing up another 90 and should have them in my Etsy shop by Saturday morning.  If you are interested... I will warn you - they sell out quickly.  I am hoping that this will be the last batch to make.  I selfishly am ready to move on to something different for a while.

Have a wonderful weekend.  I'll be spending mine here on the farm getting caught up with some garden chores as the weather is to continue to be quite temperate.


Lynne said…
Sweet post . . .
As I read this, no doubt you are up, out, beginning your day.
It has been the best part of November so far, warmer, sunshine and leaf crunch!

How many masks have you made in total . . .
My favorites for sure.
I hand wash mine, hang them on the line, and press them when dry,
and they are “brand new” again.
I read a report about the numbers of masks that will be tossed after
wear with a reminder to snip the elastic so animals won’t get tangled
in the mask. Another positive for cloth masks.

Enjoy the weekend, maybe a bike ride . . . soon it will turn into snow shoes and sleds!
Often I'm mentally worn out from the events of the grateful to have a little farm of our own to take care of as a quieter, more peaceful place. Also grateful to stop in and visit to see the goings on in your days...thanks for sharing with us! And yes...take a break from masks and treat yourself to something just for you. Mary, Windy Meadows Farm
jaz@octoberfarm said…
the grosbeaks are beautiful. i've never seen them here. i can't remember when i have slept past sunrise. i love the hours i spend before sunrise. it's always been my special thing. biden flipped erie! things are looking good. john fetterman was just on good morning america explaining things so i feel better.
Jeannie said…
Thank you for sharing your day at the farm. As we have often said before, it is a welcome respite from the news of the day. Have a great weekend.
Marcia LaRue said…
The little grosbeaks were certainly posing for their next photo shot! Beautiful little birds!
I just love your Beatrix's ... so sleek and shiny black ... of course, I just love CATS!
Friday morning and even before 9 a.m., I've steamed a butternut squash to be turned into soup and a little bit of it to be sautéed to go with some pork ribs I have in the fridge! 10 eggs hardboiled and a rhubarb cake baked!
Being busy in the kitchen is so much better then having anxiety attacks and a lot of crying! So anxious for the final tally to be reported and ... WOOHOO! IT'S BIDEN/HARRIS!!
Enjoy your weekend Bev and BHA Visitors!! 💓
This N That said…
Beautiful Grosbeaks..We have the red ones around pretty often..Great shots..Ginger just wants to drag out the attention..LOL Glad Daphne is on the mend....Enjoy this beautiful day..
Thank you for your lovely message today. Yes those birds are quite a treat to see. I've never seen any like those. Love the morning sunrise in your picture too. And glad to see that Daphne is getting along ok with her hoof problem. Poor sweetie. Thanks for the always lovely visit to your place.
Anonymous said…
baby boomers are going to get abused and treated like garbage in the retirement homes. Literally everyone hates baby boomers now. Maybe you boomers shouldn't have been so selfish and arrogant and greedy. Enjoy those retirement homes, and good luck, boomers!
Charlotte Boord said…
I am always impressed by the beautiful photo you take!