Another Addition To The Worry List

 Somehow, within the span of twenty-four hours, we have gone from being an assisted living facility to an acute care facility.  And my worry list has grown once again.

Yesterday morning, after taking the horses up to the upper pastures for their morning grazing time, 

I then went into the donkey yard to put on the girls' grazing muzzles so that they could go out into the front pasture with the pigs and sheep.

I put on Chloe's mask after she willingly came to me.  Strangely, no Daphne was to be found.  Normally Daphne is right there in line for masks, but not yesterday.  I found her standing still in her house.  In order to coax her out, I let Chloe out the front gate into the pasture.  Slowly, Daphne emerged and it was apparent why she had hesitated.

She was limping on her left front hoof.  In 24 hours she had gone from perfectly healthy to completely lame.  I texted Dr. Becky, who felt she likely has a hoof abscess and suggested that I start Epsom salt soaks until she could get down to check Daphne.  Unfortunately, she was not able to check her yesterday.

With Hubbs' help, I soaked her hoof for a while.

Then later in the afternoon (and evening) I repeated the soak. 

 Hopefully the soaks will help to draw the abscess to the surface, but most times opening the hoof is necessary to clear out the abscess.  Hopefully we can address that today and Daphne can be relieved of the pain in her hoof.  I feel so bad for her.  The thing about donkeys is... they are absolutely the most stoic animals.  I know she hurts because of her limp, but if it weren't for that, she'd never let us know.

These two girls are the sweetest souls.  I love them so and love just snuzzling their soft noses with kisses.  My worst days are when something is wrong with one of the animals.  I'd rather be sick myself, than have anything wrong with them.

At least when I am tending to them, I have lots of help!  Moll is there for Daphne's emotional support,

and to make sure that I am doing everything according to protocol.

Meanwhile, the cheering section is outside the gate offering their "get well" sentiments.

I was overwhelmed yesterday with the speed at which the winter/holiday face masks disappeared.  I placed a call to my favorite local fabric store ... which is closed til Friday, but the owner met me there and cut me some more fabric.  She's a sweetheart!  So, these will be in my Etsy in the next few days... I'll let you know when they are finished.

Thanks for all of the support!!!
Y'all are the best!

I would imagine as you read this, we still don't know all of the election results.  So I thought I would share a little bit of cuteness to lighten the air a bit.  Easton's pre-school class had an election yesterday and his teacher shared these photos....

It was a tough race!!


colleen said…
Poor Daphne. I hope the Epsom salt helped. I know you will keep us informed and I will be waiting to hear how things turn out.
More beautiful fabric :)
Easton is the sweetest ever. Maybe next time we should go to the polls with him. xoxoxox
daisy g said…
Oh, the poor baby. I can imagine how your heart hurts for her. Praying she heals quickly.

How sweet Easton is. That is such a magical time of life.

jaz@octoberfarm said…
oh i know how you feel about having an unwell pet. it takes me down when that happens. thank heavens for becky! i wish the real voting could be this cute! i posted the first pics of my new shed today if you want to see it.
Lynne said…
Not fun at all when our critters aren’t feeling the best.
Hope the Epsom soak helps!
littlemancat said…
Hoping Dr.Becky can see Daphne today and that the soaks helped. It's awful when our furry or feathered friends are not well.
This N That said…
I hope Dr Becky was able to tend to Daphne today..I know how it feels to have a beloved animal in distress..It ain't fun..Healing wishes to you!! HUGS
kay saylor said…
My one horse would abscess with the change in seasons like clockwork. Soaks and packing the hoof with ES helps to soften and sometimes the vet can help things along by digging out the area (depending on where it is). Look on the the bright side, it's not colic. That tends to come with the seasons too and is much worse and much more expensive. Hope she feels better soon.
Chewy Minis versus Mini Donuts -- now that's MY kind of election!
Karen said…
I almost always read your blog with tears - most the time joyful ones - today Daphne tears . . . I think we all feel your pain. Best wishes from my critters to yours:)
Oh dear, so sorry to hear about Daphne. I thought you were going to tell us about Chloe! Hope she'll be much better soon. Love the little voting story with Easton! Who did he vote for? Take care Bev. Thanks for an always great blog.
Angie said…
I really hope Daphne will be well soon. It's the worst feeling when you're animals are sick. You are so blessed to have Dr. Becky.
I would love to know the fabric company that makes the second and third print from the left. It would work perfect for some of my Christmas pillows.