A Trip To Town

 Ten days into November and the thermometer hit 74 degrees yesterday.  Amazing!  

It's strange to look around and see no leaves on the trees in the woods, but still have summer's blossoms in our front garden.

One tree on our property has retained its foliage, and now looks as if it's on fire!

And in the perennial garden, the blanket flowers have bloomed yet again. 

I am happy to report that all three of the runner duck groups are getting along just fine.  They are all confined to their yard until the newest members of the group identify that yard as home.  I suspect it will take about a month or so.  Luckily, cooler weather is on its way, so it shouldn't be difficult for them to be on yard arrest for a few weeks.  

I finished my barn chores and garden chores by early afternoon yesterday in preparation for a trip to town to spend a few hours with our Littles.  Before leaving the farm, though, I visited all of my critters to make sure they had everything that they would need until evening.

On the way back to the house, I stopped to check on the pigs and sheep.  They had been out grazing in the front pasture, but came running when they heard my gator.

They never pass up a chance to beg for treats.

And I never pass up a chance to give them treats!

I spent much of yesterday late afternoon and evening with our Littles.  You might remember that the youngest was born just a little over a month ago.  His eyes are focussing now and he's found his smile.  His big brother and sister adore him!

We ate dinner, helped with tubby time and read bedtime stories before heading back home to the farm.
Such sweet times... they pass so quickly.  I love being totally immersed in my grandchildren.  


colleen said…
Yesterday was a beautiful day. Two of my littlest grands had a picnic outside on the deck.
What a beautiful baby. I think Eli looks like Easton. What a blessing it is to have grandchildren!!
daisy g said…
The weather has been absolutely glorious! And today we are being blessed with ample rain for the veggie beds.

Your newest grandbaby looks just like Easton!
Enjoy these times...
littlemancat said…
It was a beautiful day - I still have basil and thyme doing well and petunias blooming.
Baby Eli is adorable! And,yes,so much like Easton,although I see Mac in his eyes too.
Your new grandchild is such a cutie!
This N That said…
Glad you had time with the Littles..He's getting so big already..This weather has been great..Our leaves decided to fall yesterday almost all at the same time...knee deep by my back door..I was going to try to blow some this AM but the rain started before it was supposed to..Enjoy your day!!HUgs
So nice to hear about your times spent with the grandkids. The newest one is sure becoming a cutie right before our eyes. They grow up so fast, so enjoy, enjoy the littleness while it lasts. Love seeing your beautiful tree and flowers blooming again and all the ducks getting along! Lovely.