A Blustery Morning

Yesterday morning greeted us with dark, ominous clouds and blustery winds.  

Winds throughout the previous night had effectively stripped the trees of their remaining brown, dry foliage... many of the leaves ending up in our pond.

Dressed in warm layers, with hats and gloves, we tended to the animals.  The horses and donkeys went out into the front pasture as all of the other animals went about their daily routines.

Many of you mentioned how kind Hubbs is to lift Tom Turkey off of his roost each morning.  It seems we have an assisted living facility of late, as two of our hens also require a little assistance each morning in leaving their nightly roost.

I am sure on mornings such as this, Griz is quite happy that he ended up where he did.  There's nothing like heated accommodations with three square meals.  It just occurred to me that I am also describing prison.  But, to a feral cat - our barn is like the Ritz.  And our kitties are happy little cheeseburgers under their warming lights!

Just as we were finishing our morning chores,  the sun reached the horizon and the sky began to morph into something other-worldly.

Over the next five minutes, it just got better...

and better.

And then, as quickly as it had started, it was over and the sky returned to gray and cloudy.  The winds continue for much of the day making it the perfect time to concentrate on inside tasks.

I finished sewing the last of 100 winter/Christmas face masks and listed them in my Etsy shop.  

I  found a few more fun fabrics for aprons, so I will be sewing them in the coming days.  After that, I have a few pieces of linen that I want to work with and a cute 1980's pattern for a prairie blouse to make.  And then there are a couple of knitting projects that I am working on in the evening.  So, no worries, I will not be facing boredom in the near future (or ever, for that matter!)

Our greenhouse kale is growing like crazy.  

It seems happy in its present environment and soon will be large enough to begin to harvest and use.  I love kale and there are so many things that I can use it in... salads, soups, stir-fry.

In case you were wondering how Chloe is doing since having the injections for the sarcoid tumor in her neck - I am happy to say that she has had no untoward reactions to the cell wall extract that Dr. Becky injected.  

She has a few little scabs in the areas of the injections, but does not seem to be bothered by any of it.  Fingers crossed.


Marsha said…
Beautiful picture of the sky
Jeannie said…
It must be tempting to snuggle back down in bed on a blustery morning, but you are so good to your animals and take such good care of them. Thanks for a peaceful morning scene. The pictures of the sky and the pond are gorgeous.
Marcia LaRue said…
Your sunrise looked so much like my Election Day sunrise ... Beautiful!
Well, I thought I was finished buying any of your masks ... fat chance! LOL I just bought 3 of the Christmas themed ones ... would have liked to have gotten one with the birds on it ... but they must have gone quick! Poof ... flown away! LOL
See you tomorrow morning!!
Sara said…
Looks like most of the winter print masks are sold out! Do you have plans to make more? They are the best!!
This N That said…
The wind was awful yesterday..I never care how cold it is but I really dislike the wind..We still have lots of leaves on the trees..Oaks and Maples mostly..Yes, you are operating a multi-level care farm...LOL
StrictlyMystic said…
I think that Griz is pretty happy about where he's at EVERY morning! Smart kitty.