Thoughts on a Rainy Day

Except for those who are blessed with waterproof woolen coats,

or water-repelling feathers,

the rest of us enjoyed an indoors kind of day yesterday.

With the air carrying a hint of the winter days that loom around the corner, and

as continuous, soft rain fell on the thirsty earth, we stayed inside with warmth and comfort food. 

For me that meant a hunk of fresh sourdough bread and a cup of tea...

the tea being served in Maven Haven where a roaring fire chased away the damp afternoon air.

As I had dreamed, this tiny cottage is the perfect place to retreat from the weather and enjoy the serenity that a small, simple space can bring.  

Far away from internet, or news, or the chaos of the present world, I find a warm, peaceful sanctuary that renews my spirit. Here my mind is free to wander and dream.

Here, I can read, or write, or knit without regard to time or place or any outside distraction.

I have always had a love of paper and writing implements and find much joy in writing an old-fashioned letter with old-fashioned pen and ink.  It saddens me to think that letter-writing is becoming a lost art.  There is no better treasure than a letter from a friend or relative...

a tangible bit of that person to hold in one's hands.

  For me there is not only the need to release thoughts and ideas into the world, but also the pleasure and alchemy of setting ink to paper.  This space encourages both.

Although I would love to have a glass door so that I could enjoy the flames of the fire inside my little pot-belly stove, I am so happy with the ease and speed in which I can build a roaring fire within it. In a matter of minutes the room is warm and cozy.  I can see the glowing embers from the little vent door in the bottom, so that will suffice. 

(It looks like a little stick bug is warming up as well!)

Above my head, summer’s colors hang dry and crunchy... a reminder of what lies on the other side of winter.  Seeds that have dropped to the floor from these dry blossoms are swept up and cast upon the ground outside the door so that next summer’s cottage garden will once again be filled with color.

I find it hard to begrudge the earth a day of rain.  We need it desperately.  And though there is nothing more delightful than a walk on crunchy leaves as I enjoy the colors of autumn, a day of slowing down is, more often than not, exactly what I need.  And so, I sit here enjoying the sound of raindrops on the roof above my head... knowing that the leaves will still crunch beneath my feet for weeks to come.

I see the day as a metaphor for life and the importance of finding the joy in every moment, no matter the circumstances.  The rain always has purpose and dry leaves are crunchy for more than just a day.  All things in their own time.  Our job is to ebb and flow with life... always keeping faith that each day is just as it should be. 


colleen said…
A visit to Maven Haven is always so much fun, especially with a fire in the stove.
I haven't told you before but I really like your tea cup.
The sock is coming along nicely. xoxoxoxox
daisy g said…
What a cozy retreat. I love the rain, especially if I can be home to enjoy it.

Wouldn't it be fun to start a pen pal club? I remember doing that as a kid and there was always a thrill when someone responded by mail. It's like a gift in your mailbox.

Enjoy whatever the weather brings to you today.
littlemancat said…
Beautifully written,Bev. Rainy days suit me, too.
And I do all my writing with pen and paper, then a few drafts on the laptop before sending it off. For personal mail, love stationary too. There's a website called Artists to Watch with wonderful cards - check it out. Love supporting all the fine artists out there.
littlemancat said…
And after that long-winded comment, forgot to say how I love the idea of the seeds dropping to the floor and being re-sown for next year. And a pen pal club - lovely idea!
Mary, again...
Marcia LaRue said…
I can add nothing to what you always say so beautifully! 💖
Grandma Zee said…
I love a rainy day, it is so soothing, even the heavy rains with wind. I grew up on an Island in SE Alaska, in a rain forest. So rainy days are special and bring back many memories, esp living in the high deseret of Utah. Love your little cottage, it is good to get away from the distractions of life. Thank you for sharing your life with us.
Oh, my word. You are a wonderful writer. Thank you for this. I am cold this morning and your little stove would be wonderful.
This N That said…
We had an inch and a half of much-needed rain. Now it’s bright and sunny. I would think that little stick bug would just evaporate from the heat. Glad you had some downtime in your little haven. Looks so cozy. I hope those socks keep your tootsies warm...xxoo
Lynne said…
Love your MavenHaven and your reflections too . . .