This and That

There are two wonderful hours each day when taking photos is
an absolute joy... the golden hours.
They happen right after sun-up and right before sun-down on 
a sunny day.

When the light hits the earth from an angle close to the ground,
the colors are intensified and the earth comes alive to the eye
like it does at no other time.

Yesterday, after morning chores, I headed back out with my good camera, to visit with
all of my friends.

I am never without a camera, of sorts, and most of the time it
is the (excellent) camera on my iPhone.

But there are times when I like to use a telephoto lens to get close up
photos of the flora and fauna of the farm.

Today's blog post is brought to you by the autumnal beauty of the land
and its inhabitants....
and a few snippets of things that I wanted to share with you.

I caught the turkeys doing things that I don't often see.
Morning grooming session...

and stealing food...

from the goat feeders!

Because the horses were out in the front pasture,
the sheep chose to hang out at the pig house.

They all had access to the front pasture once the horses were back in the dry lot.

I've been asked why I don't just allow everyone out in the pasture together.
Simply, because the pigs can seem a little intimidating unless you are used to them.
They love to visit with the other animals and end up chasing the horses...
which freaks out the horses.
My fear is that someone may end up getting kicked....
so I take no chances.
Safety first!

Later in the afternoon, Hubbs and I took the dogs

for a hike in the woods... their absolute favorite thing!
The combination of a cool day and a walk in the woods
was energizing to old Brown Sammie.

This is the view as we enter the woods...

Hubbs was studying the trees in our woods,

while I was looking for wildlife.

 I hiked around our Field of Dreams.

A couple of months ago, it was filled with almost nothing but
thistle.  That has now been replaced by goldenrod.

Oh, how the pollinators love goldenrod...
(I was so happy to see so many honeybees!)

and butterflies.

While I stood there taking photos,

I caught a pileated woodpecker out of the corner of my eye 
as it flew over the meadow.
I almost caught a (decent) photo... but it was way too fast for me.

We took notice to the amount of acorns laying on the ground.
It looks like this is a mast year for the oak trees.
In a mast year, the trees communicate with each other...
deciding to drop their acorns.
This happens after several years of not dropping acorns...
their way of controlling the population of critters who eat their acorns...
so that when they finally do drop their acorns,
the seeds have a much better chance of germinating... and not getting eaten!

Nature is complex and fascinating.
It seems we are only just beginning to understand how
interconnected everything is.

I am trying to immerse myself in Autumn this year...
as it always seems that Winter follows in the blink of an eye!

Happy October, Friends!!


colleen said…
Happy fall to you.
I take it no baby yet?
jaz@octoberfarm said…
unless something happens today, i guess tomorrow is the big day. how lucky to be born in the most beautiful month! fall has found us and i am enjoying every single second of it!
Marcia LaRue said…
You do live in some beautiful country ... no doubt about it!!
So many of your pictures would make such glorious jigsaw puzzles ... another way to share your beautiful BHA!!
Karla said…
Your photos are stunning!! Thank you :)
This N That said…
Beautiful photos..You always have wonderful subjects..Our Oaks aren't dropping many acorns this year...They are very treacherous to walk on so that's OK with me..Jealous of your Butterfly shots..I see them but by the time I get outside with my camera it has moved on..I didn't know that the Turkeys ate the goats feed...I guess it's grain?? Why not?? Enjoy this perfect day..xxoo
Well, now I know why some years there are lots of acorns on the ground and other years there aren't! Thanks for the education!
Thank you Bev, for another lovely post. I love seeing all the great pictures you take and share with us. A hike through the woods must be heavenly and smell awesome too, this time of the year. Your sheep is looking pretty wooly now and I'm sure their wool coats will thicken considerably in the coming months. Still waiting for news about that baby!
daisy g said…
No post today, so I'm hoping that means the family has expanded! Blessings to all...
Sue said…
It is 10/02, and no post from you. So I'm hoping that is good news of a new baby! Looking forward to hearing all about it!!
Take care, Godspeed to all involved and Enjoy!
Marcia LaRue said…
Bev said a couple days ago that if the baby hadn't made his move by today - Friday - then he would have help getting out here. Seems that may what is happening!
Hope all goes well for everyone!
Lynne said…
Beautiful Post Beverly!