I could hardly wait to chat with you this morning.
I'll bet that you had already figured out that Friday's absent blog
meant that finally our little Elijah was born.

And yes, indeed, that is what kept me from visiting with you on Friday.

Our little ones arrived on the farm Thursday afternoon,
and from that time until late Sunday afternoon, 
we were quite busy with fun and adventure.

I was so glad that we had opened up our Dragon Tree Trail, the previous weekend,

 because it was a major source of entertainment for our little adventurers.

It is a trail that leads from the back of our picnic pavilion
and winds its way through the woods to the driveway to the house.

Thanks to our brother-in-law, Rob, we even have a real
"dragon tree" along the trail!

The kids had no idea where the trail would end up,
and were so surprised that after we "climbed the mountain"
at the end of the trail, we ended up back at the farmhouse.

Our days were full from sun-up to sun-down.
The animals got lots of extra attention.

How great it is to have extra help with chores!

Mackenzie helped me bake bread which we packed up along
with dinner and took to their Mommy and Daddy when they brought
baby Eli home from the hospital.

Watching them meet their new little brother was priceless!

My heart could have burst!

I loved raising my own children... it was the best part of 
that time of life.
Having grandchildren is the best part of this time of life.
I know so well that they stay little for such a short time...
so I am squeezing every ounce of joy out of these days!
And joy-filled they are!


colleen said…
What a precious little bundle!! I have to agree 100% about the kids and grands being the best part of the particular times of life.
Give Eli a little squeeze for me. Congratulations to you all. xoxoxoxox

Ann said…
Blessed event, wonderful pictures, much happiness! Congrats to all. Enjoy, enjoy!
daisy g said…
So happy for y'all! It seems like just yesterday that Easton was born. Enjoy your time together.
The JR said…
Congratulations to all of you. Sweet!!!

I love the dragon skull, very cool.

Anonymous said…
Wonderful news1
Jeannie said…
So happy for you and your family! Congratulations!
This N That said…
Happy for you. Another little farmhand. Congratulations.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
what a gorgeous baby!!! welcome, eli! and just when you thought the farm couldn't be any more enchanting, the dragon tree trail opens. what memories will be made!
Angie said…
Kathy S said…
What a handsome little guy! So many adventures ahead for him. Congratulations to all.
sbrgirl said…
Wonderful news on this Monday morning! Welcome, Elijah! Congratulations to you all!
Congrats! Welcome to the world, little Elijah!
littlemancat said…
He's lovely,and those pics with his big sister and brother are so beautiful. Congratulations to all of you!
Marcia LaRue said…
OMG ... little Elijah is such a handsome little man! CONGRATULATIONS to Mom & Dad and to Grandma and Grandpa, too! Oh my ... he was totally worth the wait!
Tama said…
He is precious. Congratulations to all!!!!
What a precious wee one! He looks great.
billie said…
Congrats and what a cutie! Did you make the bundling? My son and daughter-in-law have their own bundle of joy coming in April and I’d love to gift them with a personalized hat and wrap. Perhaps an Etsy offering? :)))
Karen said…
I'm so happy that all is well and everybody is safe. Congrats to ALL:) I'm sitting here crying - it's such a joyful time - a new baby! xoxox
Leslye said…
Congratulations! Blessings to all.
SUE said…
I knew it! Hip-hip-Hooray!
A big congratulations to you and your whole family on the arrival of little ELI. How exciting for all of you and especially for the little brother and sister of this new baby. How lucky he will feel as he starts to grow and gets to know them both. Love the pictures you posted. Best wishes to all of you.
Lynne said…
Love your pictures of “the helpers” while they visited during Elijah birth time.
And oh my . . . Precious pics with new brother!
Happy days little Elijah . . . you are off to a good start at almost nine pounds!