Herding Ducks

 I've spoken before about how much of what we do, here on the farm, involves the moving of animals from their yards to pastures and back again. 

 Each morning we shuffle everyone around to the day's designated grazing area.  

The chickens, ducks, turkeys, and guineas are given free range for the day.  Luckily, they all return to their respective roosts for the night time.

We have begun the in-and-out training with the ducklings (almost too big to be called that) as well.  Each morning, we open the little door that leads from their house to their yard.  Because they are now somewhat terrified of us (it was bound to happen... honestly, I think it is their only evolutionary protective behavior.)  "Run away!  Run away!" is the mantra of these flightless birds with their hands in their pockets and their pants around their knees.  Imagine trying to run with legs that are about an eighth as long as your body.... a highly in-efficient and awkward way to get around.

Yesterday, for the first time, when we went in to change their water, they scooted right through their little door and out into their yard.... all by themselves!  Oh, the things that make a mother proud.

Getting back in, at the end of the day is another matter, however.

Hubbs gently lifts #1 in...

Number 2 runs for his life and dives through the hole (not pretty, but effective)...

Then #3 runs circles around the yard, frantically trying to hide in every corner... even though he just witnessed the other two entering through the little door.  So, Hubbs gently helps him into the house.

  All three are safely tucked in for the night.  Any bets on whether we make any advancements tomorrow?  Probably not.  But, we'll keep trying!

Last evening, Hubbs built a new ramp for these ducks.  It's wider and longer, so it will not be steep for them.  He covered it with shingles so they can easily get traction.  Have I ever told you that this man is my hero?  He is!!  He always tries to make the animals' lives as good as they can possibly be.  He makes my life the same!

 Well, we've already established that I love everything October.  Well, almost everything.   Apparently, Chester is not a fan of this one thing, either.  Yesterday morning as we did chores with the sound of gunfire in the distance, Chester decided to take cover in the gator with Sam and me.  Yes, hunting season has begun.  It's hard to feel the usual serenity that this place brings with the sound of gunfire in the surrounding area.

He's a sensitive little chap... and definitely not a hunting dog.

We are currently experiencing peak color for fall foliage in this part of the country.  I snapped this photo yesterday on my way to having our car serviced.  It was a beautiful day.

Surprisingly, though, here on the farm... the color is all but gone.  In fact, most of the trees have already dropped their leaves.  

The odd thing is... we seem to have a little micro-climate right in this area.  It's not unusual for us to have much colder temperatures than the surrounding area.  It's really strange and I have no explanation for why this occurs.  It just does.  (Yet another unsolved mystery of life.)

Tomorrow I will be posting another Friday Food For Thought.  I hope you stop by to check it out.  I love our Friday discussions.

Have a wonderful day... sending hugs from the farm!


colleen said…
Good morning and hugs from Maine. I will be checking in tomorrow morning xoxoxo
Marcia LaRue said…
Just waiting on the gorgeous sunrise out here in S. Colorado! Love those crazy ducks ... always good for a LOL.
Here's hoping you have a wonderful day ... how can you miss at BHA? Looking forward to tomorrow's post!
littlemancat said…
The ducklings'new ramp sounds good - maybe they'll soon get the idea of using it on their own - or not...
We've had heavy fog here every morning,even to noon,all week.The air is saturated. It only begins to clear in the afternoon.
Anonymous said…
Almost easier to stick to herding cats.
This N That said…
Molly totally agrees with Chester. If we hear anything that even sounds remotely like a gunshot, her tail goes down and she heads for home. I’m sure I could take her off her leash and she would just go home. Your animals are very fortunate to be where they are and to have you as their caretakers.The runners are always entertaining. Hugs
phyllis said…
Good morning and hugs from Oregon.
Unknown said…
Our golden retriever, Shelby, doesn't like loud noises either, but we didn't get her for a hunting dog anyway
Katmom said…
Oh My Stars! Jack is still wearing shorts!?!?!.. We got a tad bit of snow yesterday morning,, and are due in about 3-5" over the weekend.. AACCKKK!
I think you need to adopt me,, Gary, Ginger and Kiki...we don't eat much.. and are house broken.. lolol!
Hugz and btw, your Duckies Quack me up!
I really do love your runner ducks and seeing hubbs put the three youngest ones in for the night, was a hoot. Aren't the hills gorgeous around your place? I love them and all the color there. WE still have some color but we also have quite a bit of snow now, this early, and it looks like it's going to stay with us. I know you love October, so do enjoy all the rest of it!