Vehicular Bliss

The setting was a beautiful autumn day...
clear skies, warm temperatures, light breeze blowing through 
changing leaves... perfect!!

We spent our day with grandson, Easton.
His sister was in school and his baby brother...not yet born!
At the age that Easton is at, he is still not quite sure
of all the animals at the farm.

He loves to help with chores, as long as the animals are on the other side of the fence.

We visited the pigs in the pasture,

and he stayed behind me... just in case.
With time he will become more and more comfortable.

What he did want to do, however, was to ride every single
farm, utility, and sport vehicle that we have here on the farm.

So that is what we did (slowly and very safely).

We drove the go-karts around the mowed track that lies
on the periphery of the Field of Dreams.

Muppy took him for a tractor ride...

multiple gator rides....

a couple ATV rides (emphasizing SLOWLY!)

And of course, he spent a fair amount of time driving his own
mini gator.

During the short amount of time that we spent indoors,
he played with...
you guessed it... vehicles!

This kid loves things that "go".
Needless to say, we did a lot of "go-ing" yesterday!

We will have Easton and his sister sometime this week...
for a couple days when their baby brother is born.
And I hear that if he does not make an appearance by Friday,
the matter will no longer be in his little hands!


colleen said…
Who was having more fun Muppy or Easton :)?! I remember when our grandson was to short to reach the foot feed on the riding lawn mower. He propped a brick to it so he could reach talk about safety.
I'm so anxious for that baby to be born...Can't imagine you you all feel. xoxox
sbrgirl said…
More happiness on the farm! Love it!
Clearly, that baby has a mind of its own already.
Marcia LaRue said…
Easton's siblings are the ones more "animal oriented" ... Easton will be the farm machinery mechanic! LOL
Another delightful visit to BHA this morning and so glad you get to spend time with your Littles while waiting on the littlest one to make his appearance! Hoping all goes well with his debut!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
fingers crossed for quick delivery. i can't wait to see elijah! that kid is so lucky to be born into your family.
This N That said…
Yes, BHA has some thing for everybody. He was in heaven, I’ll bet. I hope the newest Addition makes a natural appearance...