They Don't Stay Little Long!

It doesn't quite seem fitting to call these three ducklings any more.
And yet, they are just over 4 weeks old.

They are all but full grown.
Four weeks ago...
Feathers are starting to replace the soft down that they have
carried since hatching.

Their tails are starting to form.
Their wings are growing and getting adult feathers.

They are starting to show what their colors will eventually be.

It's all so amazing, watching this process.

They mature in hyper-drive!

Although their first inclination is to run from me,
when I sit down inside their little fenced-in play area,
they relax.

It is obvious that they are comfortable with me on some level.
They do allow me to pick them up and carry the outside.
So, that's something.

Hopefully, they will retain this level of comfort as they mature the rest of the way.

As with all ducks, they pay particular attention to the sky...
turning their head so that one eye is facing the sky to look for 
predators such as hawks.

They are keenly observant.

I truly don't understand how these ducks evolved.
They are challenged in so many ways.
Flightless, they have no way to escape a would-be predator but to run,
and their running is not all that coordinated.

It's hard to understand how any of their adaptations play to their advantage.

Our beautiful autumn weather continues and is to last through
this weekend.
I am enjoying the cool mornings,
and the sunny temperate afternoons.
It's heavenly!

Now is the time of year when I can once again cook a big pot of soup.
Yesterday I cooked a whole chicken
(which is how I start most of my soups)...
and added vegetables harvested from our garden.
I added some chipotle spices and will eat this soup
with a dollop of sour cream on top.

Finally, after 4 weeks of evening knitting,
I finished this autumn shawl for my Etsy shop.

Now it's time to find a new knitting project!

It's Friday and we are keeping our weekend open...
just in case there is a new baby arrival.
We are keeping our fingers crossed!!
Have a perfect weekend...
and we'll see you on Monday.


colleen said…
Seeing the runners makes me want ducks again so much.
beautiful shawl
That soup looks scrumptious!!
I expected every post this week to start with.... we have a new baby. I hope Monday starts that way. Have a great weekend. xoxoxox
jaz@octoberfarm said…
will any of those ducks be for sale in your shop!? i might get a grandkid before this baby shows up. not really but it sure is taking its time! i hope this is the weekend it shows up. we are warm again for the next few days and then an arctic blast is coming and we might see our first frost.
Anonymous said…
The ducks are so cute!
littlemancat said…
Love the ducks, and wow,they are growing so fast! I agree it's hard to see how these adaptions have evolved to help them. Hmmm.
Hope your week-end is productive, in all ways.
Oh - and that soup!
Mmmm, that soup looks good!
Beachgram said…
Just love the ducks and soup looks perfect for a fall day.
This N That said…
Sadly, nothing stays little for long..Little is usually so cute too..They are lucky to have you for protection...Have the others mt them yet?? Your soup looks yummy..Does it have chicken in it??Hard to tell..
That Shawl is perfect with that outfit..Love your hair up like that..xxoo
Lynne said…
Love your downy, soon to be gone, runner ducklings.
Sweet they are . . .
And your shawl is stunning!
That baby should be “popping out” soon!