The Importance of Being Present

There are mornings when I awake with a start,
as if Mother Earth, herself, is shaking my shoulder...
trying to motivate my feet to the floor.

Most times I listen.
I've learned the value in rising early to greet the day.
That shoulder shake occurred at 4:30 yesterday.
With no hint of light in the morning sky,
I stayed in bed, warmly tucked beneath the covers, 
my face chilled by the pre-dawn air sifting through the screens.
I read until 5:15 and decided that it was time to start the day.

I headed to the barn with a headlamp to guide my way.
It didn't take long for me to figure out what Mother Earth had 
in store for me.

As the sun neared the horizon,
the most intense and magnificent light show began in the 
eastern sky.
"How lucky I am," I thought, "to witness this beauty."

It was most certainly a gift to begin my day in this manner,
and a reminder that each day is meant to be cherished.

Sadly, we have had two reminders in the past week of just how
precious and fleeting life is.
We lost a close neighbor last week, quite suddenly, to cancer.
Yesterday we lost a close family member in a tragic accident.
Both of these losses have knocked our knees out from under us.
Both men were slightly younger than us... and too young to leave this world.
Both will be missed beyond words.

May we remember with each rising sun that life is fragile and fleeting.
May we greet each day with reverence and gratitude
and the remembrance of what is truly important in this life.

Duck Update:
As you can see, the three hatched ducklings are thriving and well-loved
by Anna's girls.

Maybe they will be a bit more sociable than their parents!
Two of the eight eggs were beginning to stink, so Anna tossed them.
She candled the remaining three and said they looked promising.
Time will tell!


colleen said…
So sorry to hear of your losses.
Hard to believe August went by so fast and it's headlamp season already.
Tell the girls thanks for sharing their ducks with us. It is exciting that there may be three more to hatch. xxxx
Marsha said…
So sorry for your losses. The sunrises are beautiful!
Carolyn said…
I also treasure my days, each morning and evening as the sun rises and sets. Am an early riser such as you. In these wee hours, I find contentment and thankfulness for all the many blessings I receive. Each day is truly a blessing.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful blog and your gift with the camera.

The JR said…
I'm sorry for the loss of your neighbor and your family member. Things can happen so suddenly it whips our breaths from our lungs.

Your sunrise is beautiful.

Sweet little girls. The ducks are cute.
sbrgirl said…
Once again, a good reminder about the importance if living each day. I'm sorry to hear about your losses; it's never easy...
daisy g said…
So sorry for your sadness. Thank you for the reminder to appreciate every day.
sheryl said…
so sorry for the loss of family and neighbor. the new little ducklings are so sweet!
Anonymous said…
I'm so sorry for your losses.

farm buddy said…
I am very sorry for the loss of your family member and neighbor. I am sure you had been a bright light in both of their lives.
God takes us when He wants us. It does hurt but know that all will be reunited. God bless and I am so sorry for the losses.
littlemancat said…
Sorry to hear of your sad losses - it does indeed bring you to your knees, I know
Once I was an early riser, and now I may wake up early but am not ready to get up. Often due to poor sleep.
The little ducks and girls look perfect together.
Take care,

Jeannie said…
I'm so sorry for your losses. I hope the beauty around you and the treasure of your family will bring you comfort.
The Circle of Life. A friend of ours died Sunday night from kidney failure. Because of Covid, I don't know if there will be any kind of funeral, which makes me feel even sadder. No formal way to say a last goodbye.
This N That said…
Sorry or your losses..We can only be grateful for the times we shared..
Happy that the Duckies are thriving.
Fall sunrises and sunsets are the best..
Lynne said…
Yes indeed . . . life is fragile
Sad and sorry for your losses.
Thankful that the sunrise sent its beauty for your early morning uplift!
(Masks arrived, perfect, I love them.)
Barbara Beach said…
I'm so sorry for your loss and know it's never easy. Prayers of comfort for you and your family.