Smiling Sheep And Growing Ducks

Why is this sheep smiling?

Grinning from ear to ear?

You might think it's because she just had a delicious 
graham cracker treat.

And though she did... she would tell you:
that is not the reason behind the mirth.

Her cheerful demeanor has more to do with this...

This is the temperature that greeted yesterday as we headed out for morning chores.
In case you were wondering... that is 38 degrees Fahrenheit!

And though the sun shone through a thin layer of super high clouds,
the temperature did not rise above 66 all afternoon.
It was the perfect day for two wooly girls who had
to weather a very hot summer.

Sweet relief comes in the autumn.
By this time, they have grown a good inch of warm, 
insulating wool.

I have to tell you...
the introduction of graham crackers as treats has been a game-
changer with these two gals who used to hold me at arm's length.
(leg's length?  hoof's length?)

It's nice to be able to sink my fingers into their wool and give
them a good scratching without them running for the hills.

Yesterday, I was even able to trim Hope's hooves
as she napped on the ground next to the pig yard fence.

What a long way we've come, dear Hope!

I must tell you...
every morning when I first check in on the ducklings,
I am amazed at how fast they have grown.
They are now 3 weeks old and stand almost a foot tall!

They are still very calm...
although they always run to the opposite side of their house from me...

they stand very still, then, and let me pick them each up
and place them on my lap.

There, they settle in and relax as I stroke the soft down on their chests.
Their little webby toes are growing as well....

Big feet well be necessary to carry these oddly tall runners around the farm.
Won't they be surprised one day when the whole wide world opens up for them!


The JR said…
I'm surprised by the amount of attention that you give your critters that those 2 silly sheep girls don't roll over for a belly rub.

jaz@octoberfarm said…
the sheep must really really love graham crackers....who knew! i would play with those ducks all day! we have cooler weather too. what a relief!
littlemancat said…
I can almost feel the softness of the down and the thickness of Hope's wool. Isn't this coolness bliss?
Graham crackers are the BEST!
This N That said…
I'd be smiling too if someone was feeding me grahams!!! I'm with them ...loving the cooler temps..My sister has her heat on!!Not me!! I'm still out in short sleeves..Something wrong with me??
betty-NZ said…
I love that you have found a way to get close to the sheep. They are so adorable as are the little ducklings...who won't be little for very long!
Great photos of them all.

Feel free to share at My Corner of the World
Lynne said…
Were you an animal lover from “the get go!”
Seems like you are such a natural!