A Rainy Day Visit

After what has been essentially months without any significant
we had a rainy day yesterday.
It was the kind of rain that doesn't run off and cause flooding...
but rather soaks into the ground and gives the earth a good long drink.

As I went about my day on the farm,
I shot a little video footage for you...
a rainy day visit to the farm:

I spent much of my morning in my sewing room,
making the first of a batch of aprons.
(This one "Farmers Market" is sold.)

My pattern is my own.  I used an antique apron
to draw this pattern from.
More to come....


Louise Stopford said…
Loved your Rainy Day video Bev. You have no idea how uplifting and enjoyable it is to spend virtual time with you and your animals on your wonderful farm. Can really count on you to put a smile on my face.
Anonymous said…
What a lovely, peaceful visit. Thank you.

When you visited the pigs, each of them started to wag their tail. Was that just coincidence or are they like dogs and communicate happiness with their tails?

Lisa said…
Love the apron. My grandmother had the exact same pattern. I still have her apron even though it's too fragile to wear. One day I'll get a seamstress to make a copy.
Angie said…
Hi Bev, you do so many beautiful things. We love visiting your blog, hubby and I!
Have a (silly) question - how do you deal with flies on the farm? We've had an exceptional muggy Summer in KY. I've never had an issue with flies, until this year. I don't like to spray chemicals.
Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend:)
Marcia LaRue said…
Another early morning stroll around the Acres ... I love it! Had to laugh at you catching the one sheep taking a pee at the hay feeder! Well ... when you gotta go ... you just gotta go!
I love living the country life through your videos and blog! Have a wonderful weekend!!
Mrs. Roger's neighborhood. I love it.
This N That said…
Great video..You are becoming a pro..nice background music as well
.Cute Apron.
Glad Ginger seems better.
We ae making up for the lack of rain.
Northern AB gal said…
Thank you for continuing to blog, love following along. Did I miss something, what happened to the guinea hens?
I love your videos Bev....they're so fun to watch. Your commentary is always great and the music too. What a heavenly place you have there. wow. It's a joy to walk with you in these videos! Love that apron at the end too! Take care!
Lynne said…
Loved the video . . .
The Runner Ducks always make me smile . . .
Quite the “family“ you have.
No doubt about it . . . you love . . . and are loved!