The Sounds of August

I spent a good portion of yesterday morning in the garden,

watering, weeding and harvesting.

Peppers are coming in, and with three entire
large garden boxes dedicated to peppers, 
I'll be processing and freezing them for the next few weeks.

I picked a huge bucket of hot peppers

and turned them into our pickled hot peppers
(I've mentioned before that they are a favorite condiment,
and Hubbs eats them on everything.
(Ok.... well not on ice cream!)

Growing over this trellis are the Mexican sour gherkins.

I picked the rest off them, as well as a few smaller cucumbers...

and put them in brine to ferment.

This is unbelievably easy to do.
On top of the cucumbers is a wrap leaf...
there to hold them down under the brine,
and also, as I've read- to help the cucumbers retain their crispness.

You may remember that I did this with the first batch about 3 weeks ago.
Those dill pickles are the best I have ever had!
I am excited to try fermenting even more vegetables.

After several years of less than stellar grape harvests,
it looks as though this year is going to be a great grape year!

These grapes are on a newer vine on the garden fence.
They are a white variety, and most are still pretty sour.
But, I did happen to find a ripe one and it was sublime.

This was the first year that I grew flowers from seed,
and I am so happy that I did.
The amaranth that I am drying is lovely and
the Queen lime zinnias...

I am head-over-heels for them.
I can hardly wait to start new and unusual flower seeds for next
summer's garden as well!

Lastly, I captured the soundtrack of an August day on this video....


Lisa said…
Do you give your pickles recipe?
The JR said…
yes, I was interested in your brine mix too. Thanks.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
because of the pandemic, i planted all of my flowers from seed outside and they are the best i've ever grown. i bought one small coleus and kept cutting and starting pieces from it and i now have them all over the place. this virus year has taught me a lot.
Marcia LaRue said…
Love all the sounds of the day into the evening hours and ... especially ... the sound of the rain! Boy, we need so much of that our here in S. CO, as well! No rain in sight for far too long!
Love all the close-ups of the animals, too ... πŸ˜ΊπŸ•πŸ΄
Anonymous said…
Thank you for the beautiful video. It was a great way to start my day.

Park City, UT
This N That said…
Beautiful video..Wish we had gotten some of that rain..Wonderful Butterfly shot...Those grapes are huge..Lovely Zinnias..I try to stay away from the work of annuals..except for my Geraniums..Bobby has the life for does everyone else at BHA...You make it happen..xxoo Have a wonderful day..
Thanks for the videos. They are my favorite parts of your blogs. Love the sounds of the night. I live in rural Illinois and we have the same sounds. I am impressed that hubbs can tell the difference in the woodpeckers by the sound. And of course, always love to see Sammie.
Jeannie said…
Another enjoyable post. Your dogs have wonderful white teeth! Love the pickled hot peppers. The rain was a vicarious thrill for us sun-parched viewers. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
I love your blog! I’m relatively new to it, having subscribed by email. However, the last month or more I have not been receiving it. I’ve tried several times to re-subscribe, only to get the message “this email address is already subscribed”. Would you know what the problem could be and how I can again receive your blog posts in my email inbox? I’ve checked to see if they are going into my Junk Mail, but they are not.
Thank you.
Marcie from TX
Bee Haven Bev said…
Marcie from Texas....I am not how Feedburner sends it out....but make sure you are not receiving an email from Feedburner....that might be the address that the subscription comes from....

Other than that, I am not sure how to re-submit your email so that it works for you. Check your spam folder for "feed burner" emails.
Bee Haven Bev said…
You can also go to and sign up to receive your favorite blogs through their service. Bee Haven Acres is on that service as well.
Leslye said…
Oh that video was just the best! That Bobby is such a love! I love all the sounds on your farm too...especially the rain pouring lovely.
Hilly Nicolay said…
It was enjoyable again.