Snippets of a Day

I am happily spending these days with my favorite
With days full of fun and adventure,
there is no time left over for writing.
However, yesterday we caught some video footage during the day....
morning chores, a trip to town to pick up a special little girl,
and then some farm fun in the afternoon.

I must warn you... this video is un-edited 
and in its raw form...
just little snippets of our day.


Marsha said…
Wonderful video!
What a precious child she is. She is a keeper for sure.
Jeannie said…
It was fun to watch over your shoulder as you went about the farm. Mackenzie is learning so much and she is a great helper!
This N That said…
Mack walks like her Mom..A little unsure about the Turkeys..Can't blame her..
Marcia LaRue said…
That was really sweet and thanks for taking us along on your day!!
Love hearing the animals in the background ... that Moonie boy is simply gorgeous!
Gosh Bev....I love every part of that video. Isn't your grand girl a sweetie though! I love the the the goats and pigs...dogs and cats....and your whole place. Thanks for including us in your wonderful days!