News From The Sweat Shop

How does the saying go?
"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy?"

Well, I must confess, I am officially dull.
Having spent the entire day making face masks yesterday...
I did nothing else.
Hubbs held down the fort (farm) while I stitched and stitched.

I took a break for lunch and sat on the back screen porch watching
the hummingbirds.
As a result, I have no story to share with you.
For this, I am sorry.

However, for the next two days I will be spending my time
with my favorite five-year-old, Mackenzie.
So... we will have lots to share with you the rest of this week!
Pinky swear!
I hope to do a fun video with this little one, as well.

So, until tomorrow...
have a lovely day!
I'll be back tomorrow to hopefully make up for today.
Every once in a while I need a day off... apparently this was it!
Hugs from the farm....


colleen said…
You did get to enjoy the back porch and hummingbirds. It's always nice to hear anything from you. Will be waiting to see what you and Mackenzie have in store. xoxoxoxo
daisy g said…
Thank you for providing a much-needed service. I ordered two more yesterday.
Enjoy your time with your wee one.
This N That said…
Your sewing machine must be smoking..Love your masks..they are the best..Have fun with Mack..I can't believe she is five..Hugs
Leslye said…
Loved your talk on bugs yesterday.I don't harm any of the bugs in my yard or house, I relocate them to the outside if they're in my house and as far as the yard goes I don't kill any of them and my garden still does fine.
Hilly Nicolay said…
The mouth caps are beautiful.
Beautiful motifs.