Happy Days

Yesterday was just about as perfect a day as one could imagine.
Finally, after so many weeks of high humidity and high temperatures,
we had a day in the 80's with much less humidity.

It was perfect.
Short-lived, but perfect.

Today is to be beastly hot.
So that's that.

I had woken up at 4:30, wide awake.
Too early to head out for morning chores,
it seemed like a good time to make hot pepper jam with the hot peppers 
we had picked on Monday.

I used all of the red, orange and yellow (which happened to be the hottest of the lot)
for the jam.
The rest of them I sliced and pickled for use in salads and for snacking.
By the time the sun was up, I was finished in the kitchen and headed out to 
bring in the horses.

The horses had all been out in the upper pastures for the night.
After they finished their breakfast, they got busy with the next order of 
business - mutual grooming.

I stood at the fence trying to snap a few photos, but curiosity
always gets the best of them.
There's a fascination with the camera.

Everyone tries to get as close to it as possible.


Camera hogs!

Moonie, with his best Mr. Ed impression,
(a "Flehmin response" to get a better whiff of the camera).

Later in the afternoon, we went for a long bike ride.

The views in our neck of the woods are wonderful.
Our mountains may not be as high as out West,
but they are beautiful, none-the-less.

I couldn't help but notice that most of the streams that run
alongside of our woodsy route were completely dry...
the result of a summer of drought conditions.
We need rain, desperately!

Today we are celebrating our wedding anniversary.
Happy Anniversary, Jack... 
I love you to the moon and back!!


Lynne said…
Lately I seem to bounce from awaking early, (like this morning)
and trying to be quiet to not awaken “Mister Irish”and Snickers
to being sound asleep when those two awaken and are ready to meet the day.
Foods, exercise, weather play into it all.
Beastly hot here and we too need some rain.
I can’t complaint about our summer though.
The best, most beautiful summer weather ever.

I enjoyed the “animal selfies” . . .
and the views while on your bike ride.

Happy Anniversary . . . enjoy your day!
colleen said…
Happy Anniversary!! xoxoxo
Lisa said…
Happy anniversary 🎉🎉
Marsha said…
Happy Anniversary!
daisy g said…
Happy Anniversary you two! So glad you found each other.

The horses are always a treat!

I woke up at 3 this morning and must have fallen back asleep after a while. Next thing I know, it's almost 7 a.m.! Before kids, it was so easy to sleep through the night.

Have a lovely day!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
have a wonderful anniversary! i am conting on rain from the hurricane. we are desparate here. this has been such a dry summer.
farm buddy said…
Happy Anniversary!
I am surprised that you are due for a hot day. Here in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate NY, it is to be cool and rainy. A thunderstorm arrived right as I went to milk my cow in the field this morning at 5:30. It is most definitely cool weather here, for which I am very grateful. Hope you get rain too!
Diane said…
Happiest Anniversary to you both! I think we have been having the same weather as you, just a day earlier. Hot and humid but no rain! I see rain and a cooling off in the forecast for the weekend. Stay cool!
Margy said…
Happy Anniversary!!
In these Covid times I hope you find time for your own intimate dinner unfortunately that you will have to cook!!
Love the blog and photos - look forward to them everyday!
Angie said…
Happy Anniversary!
Marcia LaRue said…
Happy Anniversary ... I know you will fill the day as only you can do and make it special for you and Jack!
That Moonie ... what a ham he is! "Does this picture make my nose look big?" LOL
Love all the animals and the gorgeous flower shots and the countryside! You do live in a beautiful area!
Yes ... S. CO is in desperate need of some good rain, too!
littlemancat said…
Happy Anniversary! Ours was in August also, as was my parents.
Good job on the peppers!
Ann said…
Happy Anniversary! I am so impressed with your efficiency in identifying and executing your projects. I sure the jam endeavor would have been day-long for me!
Judy said…
LOVED the horse selfies! Those were great! Haha!
Happy anniversary! I hope you have a wonderful and blessed day.
The JR said…
Happy, happy anniversary!
This N That said…
You failed to mention all the love and cheer that you delivered earlier in the day..Happy Anniversary to you both..Love you lots xxoo
Love those horse photos! Happy Anniversary!
Karen said…
Happiest Anniversary to you crazy kids xoxoxox
Sue said…
A Very Happy Anniversary to you Both! Try to stay cool and enjoy your day!
Virtual Hugs
Leslye said…
Happy anniversary to a perfect couple!
Happy Anniversary you two! Its a special day....it's my husband's birthday too! Pray you've had a terrific day!
Hilly Nicolay said…

How nice those selfies :)