Blackberry Summer

It was a perfectly lovely, quiet weekend here on the farm.
The weather has cooled.
Yesterday felt as though Autumn was just around the corner...
a tease, I know, but nonetheless quite wonderful!

We received some much-needed rain Saturday night.
Not before moving to the farm did weather
ever play such a big part in my life.
Now, we pay attention to every detail of the weather,
as it has such a huge impact on life here.

I spent more hours than I can count in my sewing room this weekend
and made a large dent in the fabric that I found last week.
Of course, Saturday I needed something basic from our little
local fabric boutique and came home with a bag filled with more
whimsical, fun fabrics.
Never done.
Never done.
Many thanks to those of you who are helping to support
my Etsy shop and ultimately
my fabric addiction...
but most of all...
many thanks to those of you who are committed to wearing a mask.
It's important.
So.... it might as well be fun, right?

After sewing until my behind was numb,
I decided to gather the dogs and head out to visit with my piggy gals.

With the air as cool as it was,
I knew they would be out in the front pasture munching away on the grass.
On our way, we stopped at the blackberry patch.

I have frozen several quart, but now, we just eat them as we find them.
There's nothing more delicious than fruit picked and eaten on the spot...
and nothing more nutritious.

Besides getting all of the vitamins and minerals and fresh nutrients,
you also eat a little bit of the environment of the land
or the "terroir"...
making this more than just a tasty snack.
It's an experience.

A part of it was an experience that I don't want to repeat...
as I placed two juicy berries in my mouth and suddenly encountered
an overwhelming smell of cilantro...
I immediately knew what the cause of that was...
even before I saw the stink-bug drop from my lips to the ground.


Back in the gator, we made our way further down our long driveway,
past the lower path to Maven Haven,

and past our friendly tree man,

to the front pasture where the pigs were, indeed, nibbling away.

On cue, MaryAnn came to greet me.

She must have been rolling in mud earlier,
because she was the dirtiest I had ever seen her.

These gals are usually very clean...
but mud, well, that's pretty hard to resist!

We exchanged greetings, and she quickly settled down
for a belly rub. 

After returning from the visit, I set about preparing dinner...
fresh spaghetti with tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic and basil
from the garden... served over a bed of fresh farm-grown spiralized zucchini.
Again... a dinner filled with all of the wonderful energy of our own land.

And though when summer ends, I will not miss the heat of the sun...
I will miss the bounty of the garden.
But, as I have said many times... to every thing there is a season...
and always something to anticipate...
and always something for which to be grateful!


Marsha said…
Wonderful weekend!
colleen said…
I'm always happy when Monday rolls around. The first thing I think about is seeing what exciting you have to tell about your never disappoint. I can almost taste your spaghetti dinner.
One can never go wrong with buying more fabric. Thank you for supplying so many with your perfectly fitting masks.
There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for and one thing for sure for me is finding your blog many years ago. I always tell people make it a great day/week. You make the best of everyday. xoxoxoxox
Unknown said…
With the green house, are you able to grow anything in there to eat over the winter? Lisa G in TN
Marcia LaRue said…
LOL ... I would have never equated stink bug stink to ... yuck ... soapy cilantro! Yes ... I am one of those who is a cilantro hater! Blech!! You were just trying to have a little protein in with your berries! LOL
Another beautiful visit to the BHA ... see you in the morning!!
jaz@octoberfarm said… air...what are those? oh god, you almost ate a stink bug, i would have died. thank god ours seem to have mostly moved on. brendan thinks they smell like crayons.
This N That said…
Between golf, mowing, dog walking and gardening, I have learned to pay attention to the weather..It's automatic..Ewww stink bug!! Everything there isn't edible..just almost..A bit of protein..Yuk! I have really come to love your masks..They surpass my others in every way..Fit, weight appearance, comfort...I have given several of my old ones away..So nice that it has cooled down a bit..Mornings are perfect..Still need rain badly but at least it is comfortable to water..Have a super week..Hugs