Becoming Small

Sometimes, the very best days come wrapped in thick,
grey clouds.

Cool, static air, that carries the question-
"Might it rain, today?" adds an element of the unknown to the morning.
There's delight in the prospect of surprise.

I bend my nose to the ground to inspect a new white mushroom
growing on the edge of the manure pile,
and find a tiny faerie world in this lowly spot.

And suddenly... there it is!
A drop of rain hits my arm.

In my mind, I shrink to the size of a mouse
and stand beneath the toadstool while the rain soaks the ground around me.

The reality is, however...
one lone raindrop falls...
with no followers.

I make my way back home... the morning chores complete.
There's nothing quite as lovely or peaceful as 
a grey morning in the pasture with the equines,
and so I stop to visit with them.
Naturally, I brought you with me...

Here is a link to the video, on YouTube, if you need it.

Here we are at Friday again.
I hope you had a pleasant week.
I hope you are safe and healthy!
Enjoy the weekend, and let's visit again on Monday.

I'll be adding more face masks to my Etsy store in the coming 
days (hours).
I've got to use up all that wonderful fabric I found on Monday!!


daisy g said…
What a wonderful imagination you have. It's great to see that some folks still have a bit of their inner child at the ready to enjoy the wonders of this world.

Enjoy your weekend!
Lynne said…
Loved the new fairly world . . .
(I think you deserved more than one drop!)
littlemancat said…
Well, that was a wonder-full video- so calming. Yes,the soft gray skies slowing turning blue and the sweet equines - perfect.
Have a joyful week-end.
Marcia LaRue said…
Once again ... thank you for the wonderful, peaceful visit to the Haven!
Love the videos of the horses. I had a horse when I was young, Prince, who was a leaner. He would always want to lean on you when you were standing by him or grooming him and he would also intentionally stand on your foot. And I had long blonde hair and he would try to nibble on it. Dad said he thought it was hay. Haha. I loved him anyway. Do any of your horses have little quirks?
This N That said…
Your inner child was with us today..Such a sweet video...How could any of your animals misbehave in that environment?? A faerie world indeed..xxoo
Moggie said…
I'm so happy I was able to snag a chicken mask!

Loved the image of you hiding under the toadstool to avoid the rain - wish you had gotten more of it. Austin TX is 106-107 for the next few days.

*sigh* When is fall?
Wow....another Friday Bev! The weeks seem to fly by. Thanks for all you do to make the weeks more interesting and fun.