A Change Is In The Air

Well, we began the weekend in Summer,
and ended it in Autumn!

At least that's how it seems, and I could not be happier!

The end of the week was blistering hot,
but after Saturday's multiple thunderstorms blew through,
(it was one of those days where the weather changed every hour)
cooler weather prevailed.

We had a lovely weekend here on the farm.
I did not leave the farm at all... all weekend.

Saturday was filled with sewing projects...
putting the finishing touches on 90+ face masks,
making matching crib sheet and changing pad cover sets for 
both of our soon-to-be-born grandchildren,
and making the first of this autumn's waxed canvas bags.

(deep purple with dark and light purple herringbone flannel pocket.)

I roasted a batch of tomatoes from the garden, and made this recipe
for Roasted Tomato Basil soup - using our own homegrown
tomatoes, onions, garlic and basil; and

For the first time in months, our dry lot had puddles...
a welcomed sight.

The sun returned Sunday morning as we tended to morning chores.

The horses had spent the night out in the upper pastures...

deliriously happy in the cooler weather.
Griz, having grown into his role as barn manager,
came along to round up the herd.

Tired and happy, they headed back to the barn for a nap.

That afternoon, our Littlest Ones came for a farm visit.

They helped us with afternoon chores.

It's never to early to learn to scoop poop!
And at their ages, "poop" is the funniest word.

I had specifically left the carrots in the garden until
the kids could help me to harvest them.

We un-earthed the whole carrot patch
and laughed over all of the oddly shaped carrots that grew there.

There is nothing like helping in the garden...
 understanding from where our food comes and how it ends up on our plates.
It's never too early to develop a love for the soil and all
that it gives us!

I truly believe this experience gives children a better
understanding and appreciation for the food that they eat.

Sunday was an all-around gorgeous day of bright blue sky,
gentle, cool breezes and sweet memories made.


Marsha said…
Looks like a wonderful weekend!
daisy g said…
Thank you for giving me hope that summer, will indeed end!

Great lessons for the grands. I can see them starting their own garden soon.

Have a wonderful week!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
we've had a couple cool days and are going back to the heat and humidity tomorrow. but, oh how i love these first fall days. i love how they sneak up and tease us before they settle in for good.
Sounds like a great weekend. I bet the piggies are loving the cooler weather.
This N That said…
Some day the kids will realize how fortunate they are to grow up having BHA and you in their lives..
An extraordinary experience for a child...and an adult for that matter..Hav a good week..Hugs xxoo
Anonymous said…
Please share your recipe for the sour dough bread and directions for developing the starter. It looks wonderful!
Grandma Zee said…
Isn't it nice to hav e some cool days, we are having a few here in utah and then back to the 90's on Sat. But fall is on the way ! Do you can your tomato basil soup? I am going to try roasting tomatoes for the first time tomorrow...Love your blog, always look forward to the animal antics.
Lynne said…
What a wonderful weekend for everyone.
Love seeing the littles being helpmates and thinking
about all the tidbits they pick up from the two of you.
Best education ever!