Our hens have been laying more eggs than we can consume,
so we have been donating them to the county Food Pantry
each week.
From time to time, Hubbs volunteers for the Food Pantry,
helping with food distribution.
Last week he was asked if our farm could make use of
some of the produce that would not be distributed.

Apparently, they had received a large load of apples and were unable
to distribute them all and they were starting to turn brown 
in some spots.
So, Saturday morning he picked up two cases of apples.
They are now in the barn refrigerator and will be treats

 for the chickens,

the pigs,
[link to video on Youtube, if needed]

and the equines.

For some strange reason, the donkeys turn their noses up
when offered a piece of apple... unless it is a tiny piece.
The horses, however, LOVE them!

Sunday I thought it might be fun to let the horses "bob" for apples.
We cut the apples into bite sized pieces and this is how it went...


colleen said…
Who ever thought watching horses bob for apples would be so much cheeks hurt from smiling. I bet it won't take them all so long to join in on the fun next time. xoxoxo
Karla said…
OMG Bev, that was so much fun to watch the horses bob for apples! Funny how they watch each other, and get brave enough to come check it out! They would call this activity "enrichment" at a zoo! Do your horses ever play with the big rubber balls or other toys? That would be fun to watch, too! Thanks for sharing!
Marsha said…
Bobbing for apples with the horses!!!
Diane said…
Great way to start my day! Watching horses bobbing for apples is my new favorite thing.
This N That said…
So funny. You have so much entertainment. Fun times. Hugs
Jacky said…
So cute. Thanks for the laugh this early morning. When Moonie got in there it got awful noisey with splashing water. LOL
sbrgirl said…
Love it --fun on the farm!
daisy g said…
Such torture until they got the hang of it! Brightened my day right up!
Jeannie said…
I have never heard of horses bobbing for apples---so frustrating but they kept at it. Good for them! The picture of the hens with the apples is beautiful. I am a day late, but I was sorry to read that one of your goats passed away. I know you will miss her.