Taking a Little Break

We are in the midst of the most beautiful week!
I hope where you are is equally lovely.
I am going to take a brief blogging break.
Two days off.... to tend to a few other matters...
but, I will return on Friday so we can catch up!

My tired herd... after a night in the pastures... ready to come in for a nap.
In answer to a question about yesterday's post...
the spores on strawberries (I am assuming they are fungal spores)
cause them to decay more quickly.
A vinegar/water rinse supposedly kills those spores.

And lastly, to Patsy... your fairies are always welcome.
It has been so quiet here without the laughter of 
children these past few months,
that a few more fairies might liven things up a bit!!
I'll have the biscuits ready!
And some blueberry jam...
for these 75 blueberry bushes will be pickable by that time.
We are going to be inundated with blueberries!


Louise Stopford said…
Hope you have a lovely couple of days and it proves fruitful and you get your matters attended to. Not so good here this week in UK. We are back to the rain again!! Enjoy the rest of your week.
Marsha said…
Enjoy some days off!
daisy g said…
Enjoy your break. Well deserved!
Lynne said…
A Blueberry Haven makes me smile.
Happy you too choose a break once in awhile.
Enjoy. . . .
I told my fairies and they are all atwitter and ready to go. They are packing their satchels already even though they are not going to leave here until the last part of this month. They seem to think it will take about three or four days to get to your place. Their dragonfly rides get tired and have to take breaks you know. They love blueberries and are packing tiny baskets to help with the pickings.