Respite From The Craziness

On a weekend when it seemed there was no good news,
I was happy to live in my quiet little corner of the world,
here in the country.

And though I feel deeply about the injustices suffered by many,
this is not the space to explore that...
so let's just take a break here in the peaceful countryside, for now.
Aren't these rhodies spectacular?

We logged quite a few miles on our bicycles this weekend -
riding 23 miles on Friday,
and 32 miles on Saturday.
Sunday, with a case of fanny-fatique, we did not (could not) ride.

Saturday morning, the air was freshly washed from thunderstorms
that had bathed the earth clean Friday night.
The sky was sapphire blue, and the air was cool and fresh
and filled with birdsong... so many harmonies blending.

As we rode past fields and farms and forests,
leftover raindrops glistened on tall grass like diamonds.
As I sped downhill, coasting with the wind in my ears,
over my right shoulder, three goldfinches flitted and floated beside me
almost as if they were racing me.
It was a wonderful ride, as we rode uphill and down with the 
ultimate destination being a wonderful Amish bakery.
Warm sticky buns awaited our arrival... the perfect reward
for such a long ride.

With our booty safely tucked into bicycle baskets,
we headed back home,  via an alternative, and longer route...
past picture perfect farm scenes... one after the other...
enough to fill a book.

I have traveled to beautiful places and seen many different vistas...
but none are better than this place that I call home,
on a rain-washed-fresh, sunny morning in May!

It was a weekend for crossing chores off of the Spring To-Do list.

Hubbs scrubbed the decks around the house and mowed the front pasture,
while I took care of the usual animal chores, and laundry and ironing.

We had an outdoors visit from Tyler.

I have missed my grandchildren fiercely these past few months,
so sitting in the grass and talking to my favorite
almost-10-year-old was a special treat!

The turkeys joined in and tried to impress us with their manly physiques...
which made for nervous kitties in our laps.

As we walked from the barn back to the house,
the turkeys followed,

eventually ending up in our driveway pecking at their reflections in
the chrome vehicle bumpers.

On Sunday, I sewed a summer dress for Mackenzie out of a soft, cotton knit.
The skirt is a twirly, full circle.

We delivered it along with some farm eggs on Sunday afternoon,
and were able to visit, outdoors, with our Littles.
I cannot wait for the day when I can gather these little ones
into my lap once again and cuddle them!

The runner ducks and chickens gained their freedom this weekend.

And though it took a day for the ducks to get the nerve up to
venture back out and about,

once they did... they reveled in their freedom.

I am saddened by the events of the last several days,
and disturbed on many levels.
Each day I pray for this world to be ruled by love and kindness...
kindness, because at the heart of it all...
we are all of the same kind.
Hugs from the farm!
Oh, and happy June, friends!


daisy g said…
Sounds like a magical ride with the finches!
So, how do you like your new bike? I love your adventurous spirit, riding everywhere!

The color in these photos is stunning! The deep blue against the brilliant greens is really striking.

I agree with you that there is so much sadness we could focus on. Praying peace for our country, and the world at large.
Enjoy your day.
Love that first photo! Very arty!
Unknown said…
Love all the pictures and the break from the news. We all need a ride in the country. Lisa G in TN.
Barbara Beach said…
Wonderful, beautiful photos! I join you in prayer.
This N That said…
The Rhodies are beautiful right now..Wonderful pictures....Glad that you got to see the kiddos....Darling dress. Mack will look adorable in it....Free at last!! I can hear them...Enjoy this pretty day!! Hugs
Beachgram said…
Beautiful and uplifting blog again.....thank you!
Unknown said…
Beautiful! "Twirly" is a requisite of our granddaughter's dress choices as well, complete with demonstrations. (She's 6.)