Garden Goodness and a Snacktastic Switcheroo

We have reached that heavenly time of year where dinners
are served compliments of the garden.

Every morning there are new surprises awaiting us...
fresh and tasty delights that awaken our palates.

Grocery store trips are few and far between these days,
as there is more than enough to feed us here in this
green and growing space.

I have added a few touches around the farm...
an old, rusty, pig trough now graces the deck of the 250+ year-old
log cabin, giving a little pop of color to that rustic space.
I love planting old containers and giving them new life.

The garden in front of the she-shed was in need of a few more
perennial flowers... the spring violas having wilted in the heat of the sun.
I especially wanted to add a few more foxglove to the ones
that I had transplanted from elsewhere on the farm.

We took a trip to the greenhouse via bicycle and bought a few plants
to refresh the window box...

then I drove to a local nursery and filled my trunk
with perennials (the prices out here in the country are amazingly low!)

Now the front garden of the she-shed is planted full of
perennial flowers that will multiply and spread.

My dream is that it ends up looking like a miniature
English cottage garden.

I also changed out the flowers in the hanging basket for ones that will weather the
summer sun.

The last finishing touch to the she-shed is this screen door.
Now I can sit inside and feel the breeze,
minus the flying insects!

It's that time of year when fresh flowers are abundant,

and vases are always full!

And though I could not imagine living anywhere else in this
world, I would love it if fresh flowers were always growing!
Alas... it's not to be.
I suppose that is why I appreciate them so much,
 for the 6 months a year that they are available.


After years and years of Ritz Crackers being the snack of choice
for pigs and sheep,

we thought we might change things up a bit.
Please enjoy our consumer taste-testing video:

I believe they will continue to come running when I call
them in for a snack!

I haven't pictured our two Beatrixes much lately.
They have been a wonderful addition to barn life!

Luckily, everyone seems to get along just fine.

I got a text from Dr. Becky saying
"Sammie has a present for you".
I had been outside mowing, so Sammie had taken his usual
Apparently he was patrolling the hayfield...
coming home with his prize -
but first a stop to show it off to Becky's dogs

Yes, that's a groundhog.

He averages one a week.
It's hard to believe that this same dog

can be such a formidable predator!
Brown Sammie... the most interesting dog in the world!

And last, I was happy to see the fifth of our five elder runner ducks this
She is either hiding from over-amorous males,
or she is sitting on a nest somewhere close by.
I am keeping my fingers crossed that she will eventually re-join the flock.


colleen said…
I can't believe how fast your vegetable garden has grown!! The pop of color is exactly what the log cabin needed... I'm surprised you haven't thought of this before :). Love the new screen door and you are well on your way to a lovely cottage garden. If you don't keep buying the graham crackers I think they should be given on holidays for a special treat. Yeah Hubbs!! I'm happy that you saw the other runner, too. Brown Sammie, your name just might have to be changed to Hunter. xooxoxox
jaz@octoberfarm said…
ritz should have signed you up when they had the chance. graham crackers might even be a better treat. brown sammie has a lot in common with teddy. teddy got every groundhog that set foot in our gardens.
Hey, I like graham crackers too!
This N That said…
Things are growing by leaps and bounds these days due to all the rain and abundant sunshine..I think the rain is coming to a screeching halt!! I like your new pretty..Cute screen door..You will soon need A/C..
The Graham crackers seem to be a hit..No surprise there I guess they like sweet as well as salt..Good mistake Jack!! Love the video..Good job Sammy..He is something of an enigma..Glad your Duck showed its bill...I wonder where the nest is?? Hope it all works out and you have little runners..Wouldn't that be fun??
Linda said…
Do you know the history behind the 250+ year old cabin on your property? I love finding out the history on old homes like that.
Thanks so much!
P.S. I have been enjoying your blog for a few months now. It's such a breath of fresh air right now. Thank you for taking the time to share your days with us.