Dreams are born in a whisper...
a glimmer in your thoughts,
a flutter in your stomach,
and a swelling of your heart.

What we do with our dreams is up to us.
With time, a clearer image emerges that is smoothed out
by touches of reality.

Most of my farm dreams have centered around curating
magical spaces filled with romance and nostalgia,
fantasy and make-believe.

I love envisioning a special space, then getting to work planning
and bringing that idea to life.

Often times, these ideas incorporate some sort of growing thing,
or garden space -
so, one of the most important components is that of patience.

Years ago I bought this swing/arbor and placed it in the
yard by the barn.
My dream was to have a swing beneath an arbor that was covered
in wisteria.
I planted two vines and patiently waited.
Each year the vines grew more and more...

I dreamed of swinging in the shade of thick, lavender blossoms,
surrounded by the humming din of pollinators busily gathering nectar.

Years have passed and that dream is a reality.

A thought... a glimmer... a little work... a lot of time and patience...
and today I am there...
in the midst of the buzzing...
sweet fragrance filling my head.

The best part of making these special spaces is sharing
them with others!

We've had a lovely couple of weeks here on the farm.
The sun has been abundant,
the temperatures low,
and the humidity negligible...
the perfect kind of summer weather, if you ask me!

Scenes like this warm my heart... seeing multiple species just enjoying
the same space.... peacefully.  Although, I didn't stop to listen
to all of the chatter... I believe a good amount of gossiping was happening!

Summer flowers are beginning to bloom.
It was a beautiful spring, and I believe an equally beautiful summer
is going to follow.

The horses have enjoyed the cool nights out in the pasture.
Moonie slowly makes his way back to the barn in the morning...

for breakfast and then a long morning nap.

The donkeys graze the front pasture each morning,
but invariably end up inside the pig and sheep yards.

The grass is always greener... apparently.

Chloe is having no ill effects from the cisplatin beads in her neck.
I check her incisions daily, and so far they look good.
I have not seen her rubbing or scratching her neck,
so I am assuming she is not feeling any discomfort.

We're keeping our fingers crossed that this treatment works.


Lynne said…
The best part of visiting you is I always feel bunches of
care, caring, cared for . . .
sprinkled with love, patience
and the glow of your creating.
Beautiful person you are . . . indeed . . .
Marsha said…
Love the swing!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
because i tend to overplant to get the look i want faster, i am always battling keeping things under control. patience truly is a virtue! we are having hot, humid and very dry weather. it seems all i do is water. i'm hoping for rain later today.
My heart is full of good thoughts. Thank you so much.
Some dreams are worth waiting for!
This N That said…
It's always nice when your dreams come to fruition..Love your collection of stumps...I have one that is falling apart..They are very heavy to move SO I have kinda given up on having more..Your Wisteria is beautiful..A perfect spot for it..Fun to see all kinds of animals hanging out together..We should take a lesson from them..
Glad Chloe is doing well...Hope the Cisplatin does the trick!!xxoo
Leslye said…
Even when I'm having a bad day my spirits are always lifted when I read your blog.Thank you for the uplifting person you are.
Katmom said…
Oh sigh,, tho' I only spent a few moments reading your Blog, I feel like I just spent the afternoon with you...
Thank you for sharing your dreams with us.