Always Tweaking

Of all the things that I love doing,
gardening may just top the list.

It's an avocation that is never "finished".
There's always more to do...
even when there isn't!

There was a day in my life when I planted flowers in the 
springtime and then just watched what happened the rest of the summer.
Now, it seems, I am never finished planting.
Every time I look around, another idea sprouts in my brain...
and I am off to the nursery.

Yesterday, while looking at my shed,

I realized that it lacked a certain softness that I had envisioned for the
front porch.

What was lacking, was greenery... more greenery.
And so, I set off for the local greenhouse.

I found a pink "knock-out" rosebush for one front corner of the yard,

and a butterfly bush for the other corner.

I took an empty #10 crock and planted it with Hippo Red and Dusty Miller.

I love this red and green plant, Hypoestes phyllostachya,
mixed with the silver... it almost looks like Christmas!

I found a couple hanging plants for the shady side of the porch.

On the left (above) is Bridal veil, and on the right is tear-drop ivy.
I think they soften this space, considerably.

Needing something that tolerated a little sun for the other side of the porch,
I gave the Purple Heart spiderwort, that hangs in my house, a haircut...
then took the clippings and stuck them in a hanging basket of moist potting soil.
This is one plant that easily roots in moist soil.

The perennials in the front garden are starting to bloom and fill in nicely.

So, as it always is with me and gardening... it's a start.
And I am certain that it will continue to be an ongoing process.
A little tweak here... a little tweak there!
And if you are a gardener... you totally get what I mean!

Yesterday was another stellar day... this has, so far, been the most
beautiful summer we have ever had.

We took delivery on another load of hay.

One hundred bales... up the hay elevator (by me)

to Hubbs and Becky, who stowed it in the hayloft.
Believe me... they had the much harder job!

When we were finished, we had a large tarp
filled with bits of hay.
At snack time, I took that tarp into the dry lot, to dump our
for the equines to consume.
There was much curiosity about the tarp.

"Whassss ziss?"
"Smells like hay... doesn't look like hay."

"Ahhhhh.... there it is!  HAY!!!"

Well, somehow, we ended up here at the end of the week already.
I can't believe that Friday is here already.
There's mowing to be done around the farm.
And when that is done, who knows what manner of mischief we will find.
One thing is sure, though, we'll be back Monday to share it with you!

Have a wonderful weekend.
Get outside... take a walk if you can... listen to the birds...
check out all of the beauty that this time of year bestows upon us.
But, most of all, be safe!
And, if you go out in public... for gosh sakes... wear a mask!
I say this... because... I love you and want you and those around you to stay well!!
(Wearing a mask reduces virus transmission 6-fold and it is the best way that we
can keep our economy open.
This is not a political statement.... this is a medical statement.)
And, Moonie will tell you... it keeps flies off your face!!


colleen said…
I love the added touches to the shed. I'm the worlds greatest tweaker. My husband will just put that there or I thought you wanted that over there..OR you need more? He is such a good sport lol. A tarp to catch the bits of hay what a great idea. You said it all it's a medical statement and some just don't get that. You "bee" safe and I'll see you Monday. xoxoxox
Marsha said…
Gardening is my favorite too!!!
littlemancat said…
Love the plants added around the Haven - I wondered if when you planted the 10 gallon crock, did you fill it up with potting soil or use a "filler" part way up? I use a plastic thingie that fits down about half-way into the pot and then you don't need to have it so heavy with soil. Just wondered.
Have a happy week-end. And yes to the masks!
Anonymous said…
Lovely shed and plantings. I could envision a ladder back rocker on that porch to enjoy the fruits of you gardening labor...
Unknown said…
Listen to Moonbeam
What an unexpected treat for the horses!
This N That said…
"Tweaking"!! What's that?? I'm an expert..I just noticed something this afternoon that needs to be switched out..I think I'll wait..Too hot..I love your new additions..Pretty..The Spiderwort looks good..All that hay!! Hard work for sure..The equines were grateful for the crumbs, I'm sure..Have a fun and safe weekend..
Lynne said…
Oh my do I ever “get you” . . .
Things in place, growing, thriving and me “tweaking” and
another idea “sprouts” and I am off to make it happen.
Exactly what I love about gardening . . .
Not on your scale, but plenty to keep me in LIKE and LOVE.

So agree . . . most beautiful summery, weather days ever.
No complaints, the blue skies keep right on giving me “ooohs and ahhhs” . . .

Love the new flower touches around Maven Haven . . .

And the hay . . . how much does one bake weigh . . .
Plenty of exercise in your world . . .

Happy Days ahead Beverly!