Welcome To Maven Haven

Good Monday, friends!
It's the start of a new week...
a week filled with possibilities.
Spring is finally here and the world is teeming with life.
Can't you feel the energy of growth all around?

I am so excited to day to have you join me for a 
virtual Open House of Maven Haven.
It's the best we can do in these unusual times.
But please, if you are ever in the area, please join me in person
for a little tea and cakes!!
(Of course we will wait until it is entirely safe to do so!)

This space is so cozy, so peaceful and calming.
My mind is a buzz of ideas for how to use this space in the future.
Tea parties and lunches... yes for sure!
Perhaps private knitting lessons... by a warm cozy fire.
Hours of reading, knitting, writing...
the possibilities are endless.

We had a wonderful, warm, quiet weekend here on the farm.

I spent much of the weekend planting our garden.
Saturday afternoon, I took a break to join Hubbs in a 17 mile
bike ride through the beautiful spring countryside.
It was nothing short of heavenly.
Never before in my life has a spring meant so much to me!
In spite of these trying times,
my heart is full.

Hubbs spent some time sitting with the donkey girls...
trying his best to befriend them.
It took a few minutes, but eventually curiosity won,
and they ended up in his lap.

Relationships take time... especially with donkeys!


Louise Stopford said…
Oh Bev what a truly amazing place you have created both inside and out. Your attention to detail is second to none. It is truly magical and you must be so proud of your hard work.
colleen said…
Maven Haven brought a tear to my eyes. It is more beautiful than I could ever imagine. Your rug found the perfect home. Poor Jack only gets a chair in the pasture... I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself :) xoxox
Kathy S said…
Cozy, wonderful, beautiful and uniquely you. Well done!
Love the video! Maven Haven is soooooo charming and delightful! And bunnies and bees -- my two favourite creatures. Well, plus cats.
The JR said…
WOW! Love your Maven Haven. You are creative and it shows in everything you do.

hahaha, those donkey girls need to luv hubby too.
daisy g said…
You've created a darling space for yourself and a few chosen ones. Love that you still have your childhood desk and so many handcrafted items included.

Looking forward to seeing your vegetable garden explode with goodies!

Continued blessings, daisy
Can you feel all the smiles on our faces as we watch the video and Hubbs making up to the donkeys? Thank you.
Marcia LaRue said…
OMG ... your Maven Haven cottage is beyond adorable! I love everything you have done on both the inside and outside of that cute little abode!
Fascinated with the woodstove oven ... I've never seen one of those!
And your corner curio cabinet ... perfect for the space!
I think you've kind of outdone yourself on this one, Bev. It is stupendous!❤🐝🐰🐱
jaz@octoberfarm said…
simply wonderful! is that a smoker in there? this has to be the cutest little cottage anyone will ever see!
Junebug said…
Maven Haven truly reflects you, so stunning! Love the new friendship with the donkeys. Yeah, garden planted and now it's time for Minerva to come home from vacation! Enjoy!
SusieK said…
Thank you for allowing me to live the farm life vicariously through your blog. Your animal antics and farm experiences brighten my day. Maven Haven looks like a little piece of heaven. Did you make your jumper? I love that style but can't locate a pattern for it, can you share the pattern number if you did. Much thanks and love coming your way from Lee's Summit MO.

Barbara Beach said…
Thank you for the tour of your very special Maven Haven - and what a magical place you have created!
Boni said…
Adorable & cozy! You have such a knack; all the right touches. Would love to visit sometime. I keep telling all my friends about your blog. I have a hummingbird feeder like that and they just won’t come to it. Been trying for 3 yrs. Had to put the glass one back up again this year & now I have them again. What do you think the problem might be? Should I move it to another location? Any ideas you have would sure be appreciated.🤗
Dianne said…
Oh my gosh, I love your little home away (but not far) from home! I'm thinking it will be like a vacation spot for a time every day. I have no words for how much I adore it. I feel like I own a tiny bit of your Maven Haven, lol! I've watched the video three times and I am pretty sure I will again and again. You're going to have many wonderful memories made there.
Beachgram said…
Maven Haven is superbly beautiful and I hope you show it often.
This N That said…
Charming..what a fun time you have had..wonderful results to be sure..I have watched the video several times trying to soak it all in..Darling little abode..magical..xxoo
Leslye said…
What an amazing she shed! I don't think there is anything you can't do and do well.
Karla said…
So darn cute!! And you got it all done so fast.......you two make a good team! Thank you so much for sharing.
Dee J. Hartman said…
You and your Hubs are the coolest people I know! I love your farm, your Maven Haven and all your sweet animals!!! Your sewing is impeccable and the food you prepare always makes my mouth water, just looking at the pictures! Again, you two have a flair that is similar to Joanna and Chuck Gaines of the old show "Fixer Upper." The Gaines's love farming, animals, making homes beautiful, and Joanna is a great cook just like you! Have you ever watched their old show? The shiplap in you Naven Haven reminded me of them Yes, again, I think you are amazing!!! ....(BTW, I am sorry about political issues that were on my site. It used to be that people's choices were private and political campaigns did not broadcast half truths and the negative things, so much in their campaigns. I still am not sure of half of what is on the news and on facebook.) .....But, back to your Blog! It is a wonderful blog! You two are fantastic!
What a beautiful little Haven, Bev. Wow ....that came together so fast. I love it. So cozy and cute. Love the music on your video too....sounds like Enya! Enjoy your sweet new haven!
Judy G said…
Your shed is beautiful, your blog is beautiful, and you are beautiful! I'm so glad I found your blog. It brings joy and peace to my days. Thanks.
Lynne said…
Beverly . ..
How charming your Maven Haven is . . .
Dreamy, cozy, warm and so you.
I love it . . .
Loved the candle light, gas light . . .
The rug is a perfect touch, my toes would love to rest there.
Shadows, oh my, is it ever nice!