This, That and the Other Thing

Thankfully, peace and quiet returned to the farm yesterday.

The sheep were quietly nestled in the barn stall awaiting shearing.
Dr. Becky stopped by to vaccinate them and they stood
peacefully still while she did that.

Thanks for the suggestions on moving sheep.
I always rely upon treats to motivate them... but it is to no avail.
I have talked to others who assure me it is not me...
but rather, sheep are not easy to move... without a sheep dog.
I have also come to the conclusion that sheep have very, very short memories.
Each time we repeat something we have done before,
it's as though it is the very first time.
The upside to this is that sheep are extremely forgiving.
Forgive and forget... I believe that is their motto.
All of this may play into why sheep are such easy targets
for predators.

Regardless, shearing happened without a hitch.

And once again I have one white sheep 

and one black sheep, who, with age has become her mother 
and is now a lovely shade of grey.
(The brown to beige coloration is nothing more than sun bleaching.)

Free from the weight of their heavy woolen fleeces,

they were more than obliging when it came to walking
back home.

"Treats, please!"
See?   All is forgiven and forgotten.

As for that rug in Maven Haven...

yes, I crocheted it from the combined wool of these two sheep.

I received a few questions about the apron dress that I was wearing
for the Maven Haven tour.

I did make that one a few years ago and used this pattern,
but I had to adjust the pattern quite a bit to make it fit like I like.

I embellished it for fun... on the chest -
(I printed the photo and the words on fabric printer paper)

at the back bottom hemline...

I made a second one using the first as a pattern,
because the fit was right...

This one I embellished as such... on the chest -

and the hemline in the back -

I am a pinafore/apron kind of gal,
because I love dresses.
This way I have the practicality of pants for around the farm,
but the femininity of a dress over top.
Win - win.

I did find a couple patterns that are similar if you are interested.

I tend to begin with a basic pattern and then make it my own...
by adding a ruffle or a flounce around the bottom,
some antique lace or antique crochet trim,
and other unique embellishments.
I love clothes that are one of a kind and reflect my own inner self...
rather than that of some fashion designer.

Yesterday, after all of my work was complete,
I took some time to sit and knit in Maven Haven.

Look who popped in for a visit!

It seems that Griz is more than happy to be a cottage cat.

He spent a great deal of time on my lap while I knitted.

I think we will have many hours together in this space.

I have had a few questions about this particular hummingbird feeder.

I have no explanation for why certain hummingbirds prefer certain feeders,
but it seems they do.
We have these feeders at the house and last year had 20+
hummingbirds fighting for spots at them.
This year we have only seen one male and one female.

There is also a pair that visits the first feeder which is located
at the cottage.

Last in today's news....
Chloe has a mass on the underneath side of her neck.
It started out very small, but has grown.
Dr. Becky is going to ultrasound it on Tuesday
and most likely remove it.
She is suspicious that perhaps there is a foreign body
(a deep splinter, maybe) that has caused an abcess.
We'll know more on Tuesday.

To Patty....
I have never had problems with squirrels in the garden.
Maybe because all of our squirrels seem to be centered around
the bird feeders at the house?
We do have bunnies in the garden, but mostly
they make their burrows and birth their babies in the garden boxes.
I think they know that within the walls of the garden fence,
they are safe from predators.
(Except Sam.... said in a whisper.)


Oh your little haven is so awesome. What a lovely little space. and those sheep! So darn cute - so chubby underneath! LOL. We have two goats now and I am madly in love. Thanks for the Keen info - I love their footwear for hiking/kayaking and I shall order a pair of maryjanes. Merrell is another favorite - their waterproof hiking boots are great "barn boots" for mucking and other chores.

colleen said…
Love every bit of your this, that and the other thing. What a beautiful picture of Moonbeam and I can only imagine how much better the sheep feel. What will you knit with their wool this year? I think the embellishments you put on your aprons is the icing on the cake. Then we get to Maven Haven oh my gosh is all I can say!!! What are you knitting on? Thanks for this post. It was the pick-me-up that I needed. xoxoxo
daisy g said…
Being the fashionista that I'm not, I never realized there was a name for wearing pants and a dress together. I prefer skorts to skirts, but didn't know that you could do that with long pants as well. I love that! All of your handmades are so wonderful-and entertaining!

Hope it's all good news for Chloe. She's a sweetie.

Your lady lodge looks lovely!
Karla said…
Sensitive to heat me, asks, is there AC in your Maven Haven, or a ceiling fan?! I would wilt from the heat!:) LOVE your pinafores and that you can feel feminine and still get the job done! I prefer skorts as well; they seem to be my "uniform" most days. Soft skorts and tee shirts are my "pajamas" too!
Griz is such a lovebug!
littlemancat said…
Griz is the best cottage cat ever - he looks as if the cottage was built for him. And the pinafores are so pretty - I laughed at the little add-on pics, but seriously love the last one!
Oh yes!
Hope Chloe will be ok, and happy the sheep girls are in their summer dress.
I had no idea about sheep and their short memories.
Wow! Although I am stubborn and would probably try all sorts of things, including dressing up as a sheep dog to move them along. ;)
This N That said…
The girls look much better and I'm sure they feel more comfy...Glad all went well..Love your aprons and pinnies...must be fun to wear..Nice that you and Griz had a bit of quiet time..sweet..That Hummingbird feeder didn't work for my hummers..Don't know why..I didn't put one up yet this year..A lot of work for so little reward..It's hard for me to put it where it can be easily seen..and easily filled..I hope Chloe's lump is nothing to be concerned about..fingers crossed..Hugs
Katmom said…
Yep! Griz, is the perfect cottage cat!... and the pini-apron is adorbs! The back side we minds me of a similar Daisy Kingdom apron style.
I really should get back to sewing,,, it's been awhile.. and I use to love to sew... oh, and luv the Lilacs,,, mine are just starting to bloom.