Some Times, The Best Endings Come From The Worst Beginnings

That is definitely something to keep in mind
during these trying times.
Yesterday afternoon, while I was at the barn doing 
afternoon chores and talking to Griz,
it occurred to me that I never told you the story of our very first
encounter with Griz.
(I never told you because at the time it just seemed so horrifying...
but the best ending came, so I'll tell you now.)

It was a cold winter morning and we were out doing
early morning chores as the sun was rising.
As we drove down the long driveway towards the barn,
I hopped out of the gator where the driveway forks.
I headed to the barn - Hubbs headed to the pond to feed the ducks.

Upon entering the duck hut, where we keep their feed,
he was surprised by the presence of a cat.
Assuming (because of its coloration) that it was our Moll cat,
he bent down to pet it,
and the cat took off running... ending up at the gator.

At that point, the dogs took notice...
probably because they, unlike Hubbs, were aware that it was a stray.
Frightened by the dogs, and with Annie chasing him,
he headed straight for the freezing cold water of the pond and 
jumped right in...
swimming to the opposite shore in short order and into the woods beyond.

Hubbs arrived at the barn soon after to tell me this tale.
We were both upset... knowing that there was a soaking wet cat out there...
cold, alone, and soaking wet.
We kept an eye out for him as we went about our chores over the next few days,
but didn't see him again until he showed up in the barn...
hissing at anyone who so much as looked at him.

Yes, it was a horrible start to his life on the farm...
but, a wonderful ending, right?
Now he is like velcro... on us whenever we are near.

He's a funny little skinny cat... very muscular, but not an ounce of fat!
He gives the very best hugs and holds on for dear life...
as if he could hug you forever.

Yesterday started out as a beautifully sunny day.

There is something wonderful about sunshine first thing in the morning.
It makes everything glisten.

Every growing thing comes alive with the sunshine,
as if to remind us that each day holds endless possibilities...
and endless Spring beauty!

Our morning, though sunny, started out in the 30's.
I thought it the perfect time to try out the wood stove in Maven Haven.

It was the easiest stove to light and within minutes a wonderful
warmth filled my little cottage.

I would have kept the fire going and made tea,
but the sun very quickly warmed up the earth,
making a fire unnecessary.
Still... it was good to see how perfectly this little Fatso works.

By noon, clouds moved in...

but this time the temperatures stayed warm.

Ah, Spring.... how I have needed you.

Yesterday Hubbs pointed to this bucket and said,
"This bucket sums up our life."

It's representative of the cyclic nature of our life on the farm.
We feed and care for the animals,
and in turn they give us manure,
which we willingly scoop.
In time, said manure breaks down on the compost pile
into wonderful fertilizer which goes back into the soil
to help grow the food we eat, and the hay the horses eat.
Life on the farm is a wonderful, sustainable cycle.

With that, I will say "ciao" for the week.
I hope your weekend is a good one.
I hope you can get outside and enjoy spring...
to feel the sun's warmth, the breeze on your skin and hear the birds singing.
I'll be back on Monday with more Tales From The Farm!!
Hugs from the farm...


Tracy Chadfield said…
Hi there! I'm trying to catch up with reading blogs as well as updating our own but sometimes that just doesn't happen! So I was so pleased to see yours pop up on the latest updated and clicked straight on to it. Lovely post and reminds me very much of our smallholding here in the UK. I completely agree with you about the morning sun, sets me up for the day. We hope, with fingers crossed, that we have just seen the last frost here and that things will start to consistently warm up. We're still at the stage where you don't know what season will be waiting for you outside the back door. Take care and look forward to next weeks updates.
Love the pic of Chester. With the little tilt of his head and the look on his face, he seems to be saying "Ain't life grand".
Marcia LaRue said…
I love Griz's tale of how he came to be a "velcro" kitty!
You state you grow the hay the horses eat ... where do you do that and who bales it for you! I don't think in all the time I've been coming to Bee Haven Acres that you have ever stated this fact before! However, you have said that you have hay delivered ... anyway ... just curious!

Hugs from Colorado! :)
Bee Haven Bev said…
You are very right Marcia! We have the bulk of our hay delivered. We have a large hayfield right next to our woods. One of our neighbors who raises cattle brings in that hey. We take 10% and give him 90%. We started this arrangement because our weather has not been conducive to growing hey in the last few years; and hay for cows is much easier than hay for horses to grow.
Bee Haven Bev said…
The above comment was dictated which is why hay was spelled hey!
littlemancat said…
Thanks for sharing Griz's story. It's just amazing how affectionate he has become - he is a very wise cat. I believe animals understand so much.
I'm so glad Griz has his "happily ever after" fairytale ending!
Angie said…
My husband started reading your blog with me. He would like to know where you found your tea kettle that's sitting on your stove. He loves it!
I'm happy Griz had a good ending to his story.
Bee Haven Bev said…
Angie... do an Amazon search for cast iron Japanese tea pot.... you will find it there.
This N That said…
I'm a little late commenting..I took a day off..SO glad that everything turned out for you and Griz...Zoey has become like Velcro since she got clipped..she's starting to look like a Capuchin Monkey except for her head..Your woodstove seems perfect. I guess you won't be needing it for a few months..Love the bucket analogy..How true..Have a fun weekend..HAppy Spring?? More rain next least it will be a bit warmer..actually perfect for me..Hugs..
Katmom said…
Simply said,,, Hugz....